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  1. I actually think this is the year the US will beat them like a drum
  2. I dont know the amount of actual golf but I do the same and I can watch a standard 3-4 hours of coverage in a little over an hour.
  3. I have no idea why but I think the seagull is going to take this one down, Charley Hoffman. You're welcome if I'm right, don't @ me if I'm wrong.
  4. Richard Bland had his card when he won so that is not what I'm referring to as a washed up pro. The five guys I've talked about haven't had cards in years but fair enough, I understand the points you guys are making. Let me rephrase my opinion on this then...the PGA Tour should re-visit(and eliminate) the bottom categories of membership so as not to dilute their product. If I'm Monahan and John freaking Rollins is PO'd I eliminated his way to get in 3 events a year then I tell him to pound sand, nobody wants to watch you and if you want in, go play on Monday. Obviously
  5. 1. That is my opinion anyway. Every single one of those five guys I listed are extremely unlikely to make the cut, let alone win 2. I'm not referring to the KF Tour guys, I'm saying put in some good juniors like the US Junior champ, some good college guys, etc.
  6. yeah I get that but those five guys I listed don't have cards and have just been sitting on their couch for the past 5 months before the Tour calls them and basically says nobody wants to play this week, do you want to fill a spot? That is pretty much exactly how it works to my knowledge.
  7. He doesn't have a card but in these really weak fields where a lot of people don't want to play, there are bottom feeder categories where these washed up guys can get in based on their past success. Same way Carl Pettersson, Andres Romero, Harrison Frazar, John Rollins, etc got in the field this week. It is pretty ridiculous, wish they would get rid of whatever category that is and put in some young up and comers instead.
  8. Understandable, it wouldn't be for everyone. My thinking was that there are golf purists out there that also don't want to deal with some of the private club things such as pools, gyms, F&B minimums, etc but do want the private culture and conditions
  9. Not sure what you mean by range/full/non members. I'm not talking about a practice area attached to a golf course. I'm talking about a standalone piece of real estate that is nothing but a practice area. Think if you lifted the Augusta National practice area onto its own plot of land and turned it into a private club for practice.
  10. Randomly thought of this idea a couple days ago....maybe these places already exist but I don't know of any. Why don't we see places that have a really nice range with premium balls and an amazing short game area/putting green? Charge a couple hundred dollars per month to be a member. I would join a place like this.
  11. love those flagsticks that have the skinny bottom and thick upper...kind how I like my women
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