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  1. Yes, they did an updated dale head release recently. It was pretty cool. It did not seem like the golf shop I usually go to had very many so I don’t know if it was a big release.
  2. I have been watching the value of T22s and noticed that early Tei3 generations, including the sole stamp, are getting more interest lately. Echoing what others have said, this model, in that condition will get quite a bit if you are patient.
  3. Does anyone know if Titleist is releasing the Aloha collection for 2021? Any reps on here that can confirm one way or the other? I am wearing out the website making sure I don't miss it again. Thanks!
  4. ess32


    I would advise against changing the loft on an OTR putter. Delofting the putter will make it want to sit open at address, the opposite if you add loft. It is very frustrating when you set you putter down and it does not want to sit square to your line.
  5. If you have a PGA Superstore near you they just put a bunch of shafts on clearance. The one by me had black recoils for either $15 or $19 a shaft. If you are considering it this is a great time to make the switch.
  6. i've seen numbers on like this on putters for bag sets provided to clubs and schools. I have a Ping Anser with at number like that on the sole.
  7. So I saw the 80’s limited release today next to a Queen Bee 5 and they look a lot alike. Are they the same head?
  8. Really sorry to hear this. Some on here turned me on to the idea of hiding a Tile gps locator in my bag. They are inexpensive and it works in real time.
  9. ess32

    Left Hand Low

    I’ve putt left hand low for quite a while, I would say one of the most important swing thoughts for me it maintaining the wrist hinge through impact. I kind of think about my right palm returning to the target line. I like a grip with a nice flat top, like the Lamkin deep etch or a Ping PP58.
  10. Sounds like a classic. Those were first wave with Titleist starting in 95. Craftsmanship on those was really nice, just wish they were a little heavier. I have a TeI3 from this time period and milling on the neck and bumpers really makes it look hand crafted. These were milled by Bettinardi in Chicago and assembled by Scotty in California. Pretty excited to see your pics.
  11. Will Bettinardi provide a COA? Headweight might clue you in as well.
  12. A lot of the older Newport’s have those softer, sloping bumpers. The Mil-Spec stands out as one of those. Classics and Art of Putting models all look pretty similar as far as bumper design goes and the classics were originally black. Based on the way I have heard them describe dale head bumpers I think these fall into the category.
  13. Great video. The piece about shuffling is 100% me. Thanks for the insight.
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