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  1. I joined around 2006, specifically looking for pictures of equipment from PGA pros. At the time BSG was around and ended up sticking with WRX. The first equipment galleries of players bags really hooked me to the site. Amazing how far the tour pics have come now.
  2. What is your current gamer putter? bettinardi studio stock 2 How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? Speed What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? 11S If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes
  3. Filter out BST ads from unread posts. I manually set filters on my PC, but they didn't stay next time I logged in.
  4. Nike's are pretty much gone in my area, only thing left if any are under armour golf shoes.
  5. Site is easier for me to read on my phone. Can't wait to see some more improvements.
  6. You could make an argument that without crowds its a more level playing field. Fans always have their favorites that they are rooting for, and sometimes the noise they bring can distract others in the field.
  7. Meaning same approach with similar clubs into greens. Not necessarily same yardage.
  8. Same as Torrey, and I had no issue paying $230 to play a US open venue. Bethpage is actually a steal for a US open course if you can get a tee time, $150. I hope PGA / USGA continue to mix it up with a public course in the rotation. My favorite part about golf is being able to play in these major venues and experience the same shots the pro's face (just not from the same tee box).
  9. Tampa, FL6Bettinardi Studio stock #2AlignmentWhat model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test? 11SDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YesDo you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? Yes
  10. I have been keeping an eye on this as well, ever since they announced no fans at the PGA Champ this year. I would think they will eventually add more items, they even have merchandise for the senior PGA which wasn't even played. Those of us familiar with this thread remembers the deals we got on the Bethpage gear. Lets see when the prices drop and if more stuff gets added.
  11. Bettinardi queen bee 5 is short heel to toe.
  12. Never considered a graphite iron shaft and always figured the benefit is lighter weight and vibration dampening. Are the MMT shafts designed to dampen the vibration? Curious how that would affect the feel on pure shots, not sure if I would like a dampened feel.
  13. When I first got into golf, my putting was the weakest part of my game. I took lessons and when it came to putting, the only thing I remember that really stuck with me was just sticking to my routine, pick my spots and trust the read. Nothing really mechanical when I asked, the teacher really just wanted me to focus on reading the green, understanding grain (FL bermuda greens), and trusting my stroke. I think the only thing he told me was to just keep my head still. Of course that lesson alone did not improve my putting instantly, it took a lot of practice and experimenting with different
  14. 2004 Masters, Watching Phil finally get the Major after everybody kept criticizing his play up to that point for the reason why he never had one.
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