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  1. Shipping was ridiculously quick. Received the tracking number and came the next day from Mexico. I was prepared for a long wait to have a driver in hand, did not expect to see a driver 1 month after the event.
  2. I hear you on the situation with taking a first time golfer out to the course. Been doing the same for a coworker for the last year or so. He would get extreme anxiety when playing with others and would often slow the group down. After a while I suggested to forgo the 18 hole rounds and opt for 9 holes late in the afternoon when its not as busy out. He immediately gained confidence and was able to actually have fun on the course.
  3. Golfing with random strangers is always awkward at first, especially if you are not used to it. I've learned over the years to appreciate it as it makes you a better golfer. Playing by yourself or with your friends gives you a certain comfort zone, add 1 random stranger and it can affect your game for sure if you let it. Some of my most memorable rounds were with complete strangers when I shared a good or even horrible shot we can all laugh at together.
  4. 1. City and State? Lakeland, FL 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) Both 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? Have a vector pro launch monitor 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? Help maximize driver distance and make adjustments. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  5. I still remember 2010 when Phil won and golfsmith did this promotion. That's when I found out on golfwrx about the "no purchase" entry. I try my best to enter these everytime it comes up, but forget sometimes. Your post reminded me and I'm glad I did not waste time mailing it in. Thanks!
  6. Same, I tried to go for the triple diamond and it said coupon is inactive.
  7. Mail-In winners I get a count of 1,007 on the list.
  8. Did you buy the driver then fill out the online form or no purchase entry via Mail in?
  9. I called in as well, took me roughly 5 calls to get through. They confirmed my submission and said I will be getting an email next week.
  10. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? Edwin watts Tampa Why are you excited to try the MC Putter shaft? Interested to see how graphite feels in putter What flex MC Putter shaft do you want to win? Smooth
  11. I submitted an entry for myself and one for my dad using two separate addresses. One pick for Rahm and another for Xander. I kept bugging my golf friends to mail theirs in and they delayed and eventually missed out. Next time I will just enter for them.
  12. I yell fore and point the direction when I hit, however it's easy to hear from the tee box from the distances I hit. Been to many pro events and the distance they hit their drives, no way I will hear them. People have to assume the risk and pay attention to the marshall signals for direction.
  13. No way to leave negative feedback. Only thing you can do is mark as unpaid item after the 6 days. If they have 2 unpaid items strikes they will be blocked from buying / bidding on items for a year, since the Ebay default setting is to block those users. I had a buyer message me saying they couldn't bid on an item and that was the reason. Since I was in no rush to sell the item, I did not lift the restriction for this sale and it eventually went to someone else.
  14. Thanks for the update, too bad. Will just have to keep an eye for any online sales then.
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