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  1. inwent with MCs std lofts and 770 5i weak and 4i std to close the gap to my 5w a little more. Will see if I might end up bending the 4i weak as well at one point.
  2. in my fitting I did notice any difference at all to be honest. 7i strikes were the same on good and bad shots, within like .5 yds. I play of a 0.1 HCP FYI if that helps to interpret my statement. I went with 4&5 770 and 6-PW MC like my 770/750 combo now.
  3. I was not provided with any face pics yet. Not sure if they are chrome or satin at address. (IMAGES REMOVED AT REQUEST OF COPYRIGHT HOLDER)
  4. Hi all, I currently play a SIM Rocket with Speeder 7.2 TS Stiff tipped 1 inch. Compared to my previous 2016 M1 T3 the SIM is lower in flight and launch. Now, I seek a little bit higher launch and ball flight and was looking into either the 7.3 and the KK XM. I swing around 108 with driver with transition on the aggressive side but not overly aggressive. Love my Pro White stiff tipped 1”. Now for the SIM rocket I am wondering about the following two things: 7.2 TS tip stiffness is the same in S and X, therefore I went with S as it felt smoother due to softer butt. Would you say the KK XM in T
  5. Hi all, I currently play as 7.2 stiff in my M1 T3. Yesterday did try the SIM also with it. Now I will order a SIM rocket but was wondering which of the shafts in the custom program would play the closest. Was thinking about smoke black 70g tipped 1”. Any recommendations / thoughts? Thanks
  6. Do you know the tipping of the PO? Looking for an untipped one
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering what the exact height of the faces of M5 and M6 are? Anyone have any input or can please provide the measurement of his driver? Thanks a million
  8. The shaft I have to replace the current with is also taper tip. If I know the bore depth, I can calculate the BBTG backwards. Easier way to start. If anybody know or does have a head lying around, please help me out and let me know the bore depth of a SM6 54°
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