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  1. s55 all the way for me. I think I'm on my 3rd set. I try every year to find something to replace them, but can never find anything...Heres to hoping the 2022 Mizuno Pro 223 can knock them out!
  2. I just moved to the Asheville area, are there any good men’s games around? And any course suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. > Thanks for the info. I'm glad to know about the distinction. I also like ferrules. Also FYI, if you're playing any tournaments (State or USGA) s59 are no longer conforming.
  4. > @jholz said: > > @bunta said: > > there is a reason why s55 gets mentioned much much more frequently than its previous generations. Prob because its the best one out of all of its predecessors. Thats my take on it. > > > > Now i cant give you any feedback thats worth a d*mn thing because ive never played the prior generations but i can tell you this; I am literally stuck with them. I couldnt replace them, and i have tried many of times over the past 3/4 yrs. i hit them so solid and they feel just like dare i say forged. (you dont get the ball "sticking" to the face feeling like a real forged does); its slightly different. Its a great feeling club nonetheless. > > > > im on the hunt with some srixons but the lack of demo is preventing it from happening. But i can also tell you this, even if the s55 gets replaced by the srixons, they will be forever in the golf closet as backup. That is how much i love them, and im sure im not alone. > > Thanks for the response. The 55's are certainly on my radar, as are the 59's honestly. Both of those clubs had/have great reputations. It's not like I would mind owning a set of either of them. > > But, being something of both an oddball and a cheapskate, I couldn't help but notice that the 58's-56's were easier to find, and could be purchased more cheaply on the used market. So, I thought maybe I could identify a sleeper in there somewhere. > > But, perhaps I'll just man up and spend more than $200 on a set of project irons! my suggestion is if you go s59 make sure you get the s59 tour version (has the ferrule), they play and set up different than the standard version. I played the s59's all the way through my college career and up until the s55's came out (which is what I'm still playing). For my swing the s58-s56 did not go through the turf very well and they were unforgiving compared to the s59's. But the s55's were better in all categories for me, so thats why they are still in the bag...but I'm really hoping the iblade replacement kicks the s55's out, I'm ready for something new :)
  5. > @MakersMarsh3 said: > Why would wedges need to be ported? most likely because he is a tall and plays his wedges / irons over standard, so they need to bring the head weight down to achieve his desired swing weight
  6. Up for sale is a Tour Issue Bettinardi DASS KM1 40" Armlock. The putter is in near mint condition. 800$ Shipped inside the Continental US. Sorry no head cover. Reasonable offers welcome, others will be ignored. Thanks for checking it out!
  7. I'm assuming the loft is coming from shaft bend? If so, who built/turned it into an armlock? or is this an armlock head where the actual head loft is 7?
  8. Just a heads up Zbuck, SuperStroke are selling these direct on ebay for a reasonable price ;)
  9. No problem! It's all about enjoying the game, a little competition, and having a few brewski's. Another member and I are going to get something put together in the next couple weeks, if you message me directly, we can trade contacts.
  10. Hey bud! I don't live too far from ya, I live off turtle mound. my normal golf buddies have just about all moved away for careers, So I'm looking to find some people to play regularly with. If you're ever interested in playing hit me up! I have a range membership up at Duran and I try to walk nine once during the week and once over the weekend if I can find a game or a buddy wants to play. I've just got the all clear from the Dr. to start playing again after an injury a few months ago.
  11. Hey Man, my golf group has dispersed over the last year or so for new jobs away from Melbourne, So i'm In need of finding another good group of dudes for a weekly skins game. If you're interested in meeting up for a round hit me up! I started and ran a big skins game when I lived in Austin on average 20-30 players each week, it was almost like a second job doing everything haha, we kept in-house handicaps, weekly rollovers and offered Gross and Net games. But It was always fun with a good group of dudes. It would be cool to get something going over here.
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