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  1. Oakley prizm gold lenses are great. If you can qualify for an account at OakleySI.com you’ll save about 40% on everything.
  2. Birdhays, I’ve been going to Bandon for 20 years now. Every time with golfing buddies until this past November. I took my wife who isn’t a very good golfer. She hit balls at the range, putted a lot at the punch bowl. Best part was she pushed my cart every day, took amazing pictures and she had a blast walking the courses. The starters were all 100% good with her walking the course with me.
  3. The Clicgear wheel covers are very tight and difficult to put on. Try a $10 cloth laundry bag. The bag will keep your car clean and let any moisture out.
  4. I just got back from Bandon Dunes. I wore Codechaos, the traction and comfort were outstanding. A guy I played with complained about his Nike shoes, his caddie laughed and pointed to his own shoes and mine, both Codechaos. The caddie told me most of the caddies at Bandon wear them.
  5. Adidas codechaos. Comfortable with great traction
  6. Laundry bag from Walmart for $5.99. Works great.
  7. My local course replaces mats nearly every year in the early spring. They sell the used 5'×5' mats cheap. Oftentimes you can find a mat that has plenty of life left in it. Maybe call around to some of your local courses.
  8. I bought some Chrome Soft from EBay a few years ago. They were just for a shag bag and indoor net practice (I know EBay is loaded with counterfeit golf equipment). Two balls split under normal use. I cut a few balls in half and noticed different color cores and off centered cores. I’m certain they were counterfeit Chrome Softs.
  9. Jason at Redtail is a no brainer. He won’t push you to a brand, he’ll push you to the best performance. First time I met him I wanted a new driver. After 1.5 hours with him he sent me home with my old driver. The new drivers weren’t giving me better numbers. Jason will only put you in equipment that is going to perform better for you. And there is no fitting charge.
  10. Discount Dan's and the nice 9 hole courss at Highlands. Very knowledgeable golf people.
  11. Been there at about the same age. Played around with meds and shaft inserts. Big waste of time. Finally got smart and changed everything over to graphite shafts and I use a Theraband flexbar a few times a week. Zero pain
  12. I sent back a GX-2i2 that was about 3 years old. It wasn't picking up flags consistently and hardly ever locking on to prisms. About 7 days after sending it off I received a brand new GX-2i3. I'm not sure what the warranty was on the old unit but the new rangefinder states 2 years. BTW the 2i3 is smaller and seems to read distances a little faster.
  13. Used 35" Edel E-1 in good condition. The face,shaft and grip are clean. There are three small spots where the black finish has come off slightly ( heel, toe and the top edge). None are visible at address and they could probably be easily touched up. The SuperStroke grip is new and has about 40 grams of lead tape underneath it to keep the original swing weight the same as with the original round Edel grip. The Edel headcover is very nice and has a magnetic closure. $125 shipped
  14. ProQuip PX6 fit update. I ordered the jacket and pants 1 week ago from Golfsupport.com. Both items arrived today. Great looking raingear. Fit worked out well. The jacket has plenty of room to layer but is not bulky. The sleeve length is perfect. I wear a 36-37" sleeve in a dress shirt. I ordered the jacket in XL and the pants large / 33" length. I'm 6'2" and about 210. I'm an XL in most every jacket and golf shirt. I wear a 36x34 in most pants. Waterproof test will be next.
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