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  1. I had surgery in September to remove my bladder,prostate and lymph nodes due to cancer. Just wondering if anybody here also wears an appliance and how are you dealing with it day to day? Are you able to play golf? I haven't played in 2 yrs and want to start again in the spring. Thanks in advance.
  2. W.A.S.P-Love machine,Animal,wild child
  3. Try metro if you can get it. Two phones with unlimited data is $110. I have one line at $60.my girlfriend and son share lines but both are unlimited.
  4. I use Metro pcs and for $60.00 a month have unlimited text,talk,data.Never had any data issues. See Boost moblie use the Sprint towers and Metro pcs use TMobile towers.And I think cricket wireless use verizon or att towers. But I used my google maps from NJ to Ft jackson,sc and never lost service. It's a flat rate of $60 for unlimited. They have other cheaper rates but why bother.
  5. just a couple of my favorite songs: papa roach-between angels and insects seether-words as weapons
  6. Hi its been awhile since I've checked in. Had my 5th bladder surgery since august 2015 on December 5th. Will get the results from any tumors they removed and biopsy results as well of my prostate. It was done at the VA hospital in east orange,nj. The pathology is read in Washington so kinda sucks to have to wait so long. Its possible I may have to have my bladder removed which I'm against or accept it as it is and persue chemo and radiation since I'm BCG resistant.
  7. Seen Buckcherry on Wednesday night.It was they're last show of the year. They did the "15" album and a few encores. Say f*** it and too drunk to f***. Got lucky enough to Catch a drumstick.
  8. I plan on seeing Puddle of Mudd locally here in NJ. Hopefully Wes won't have a meltdown.
  9. I forgot to include: Scott stapp Andy Black Hatebreed,devildriver,devil you know Slipknot,Marilyn Manson
  10. Bullet for my valentine with asking alexandria. Lynch Mob,Sebastion bach,sixx am.
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