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  1. For me it is definitely the Epic driver with aftermarket shaft from Will Peoples. I also have a Scotty Cameron putter, but bought it used so not quite as expensive as it could have been.
  2. As others have said, I googled Golf Forums and found WRX. I am mostly a lurker, but join conversations here and there....
  3. 3rd season playing the Callaway Epic 10.5* set to 11.5* w/ a Fujikura Pro Tour Spec Stiff shaft @ 44.5". Has been the most consistent driver for me.
  4. I went to a couple of Anheuser Busch tournaments at Kingsmill back in the 90's, and more recently I have attended multiple Wells Fargo tournaments at Quail Hollow and the 2017 PGA Championship also at Quail Hollow.
  5. Primarily in my bag is my Epic with Fujikura Pro shaft. I have also used a Ping G410 plus driver with a Tour 65 shaft. The Callaway Epic is still performing just as well or better than the Ping so will remain in the bag.
  6. 44.5" @ D4. This length is the best mix of accuracy without losing too much distance.
  7. I bought the SM 2.5+ last year, and have been very happy with it. As EDaw68 stated, I also play Mid-Sized Grips, and I have no issues with tangling. I previously had the Ping Hoofer, and it was a pain trying to get clubs in and out of that bag. I have never tried the Titleist Players 4 bag, so cannot give any + or - feedback on that bag. As far as the strap, I had read there was issues with the 2.5 strap, so I simply tied a preventative knot on the strap, and have had no issues at all. I love the SM 2.5+ bag.
  8. Rooting for you Obee. Play well and enjoy the ride.
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