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  1. My set makeup is 5-6 HM, 7-PW HMP, and GW Forged. FWIW, I would say that the Forged GW blends seamlessly with the HMP set. I don't notice a difference in feel, which is what drew me to the HMP (they felts the same as the forged, to me). The transition between the HM 6 iron and HMP 7 iron is very noticeable at address.
  2. So you’re saying that the 921 HMP was shorter than the 919HMP, and therefore you are switching to the Forged? This doesn’t make sense, and the forged would be even shorter if that’s your concern. What am I missing here?
  3. I basically did the same, but went HM for my 5 and 6 iron (did not get a 4). I think I should have stuck with the HMP for the 5 and 6 irons, but only time will tell.
  4. I remember hearing this somewhere else too, but if this is the case why do the stock sets have 5 degree loft gaps from 7 through GW?
  5. Interesting comment here. I started this thread after noticing that I hit a few 5 irons towards the toe on my new Hot Metals the first time using them on the range. The shots felt fine, but I could see the dimple marks on the face to tell me exactly where I hit them. I then made an effort to hit the ball with a more centered strike, and it actually didn't feel great. Felt like a clicky shot off the heel even though it was basically a center strike. Bear in mind, these were with some crappy range balls so the feel could be attributed more to the ball than the strike.
  6. standing up is definitely a swing fault of mine, so this could be part of the cause.
  7. I have an interesting question.... I read a “theory” somewhere that it’s actually harder to hit large game improvement irons solid because the larger face gives you more room for error, whereas with a smaller blade type face, you are almost forced to hit the ball on the center of the face. I didn’t really buy into this, but I recently got a blended set of hot metal/hot metal pros and on the range I was hitting the 5 and 6 hot metals way out on the toe, but didn’t have that problem with the HMP 7 iron. Do you think this theory holds some weight? I guess you could also argue that a large
  8. I took my new set out for their maiden voyage today. I didn’t play a normal round as I was just trying to hit a variety of shots and get my distances down. It was a cool, rainy, windy day here in NY so it was difficult to gauge actual distances. I felt like I was a club shorter than what I expected, but that could’ve been due to the weather. From one tee box, with a pretty stiff cross wind, I was hitting my HMP 9 iron around 135 and the 7 iron around 170. This seems like a pretty large gap between a 9 and 7. What’s strange is that I also hit by HM 6 from the same tee box and it basic
  9. I received my set yesterday. I went with: 5-6 - HM 7-PW - HMP GW - Forged I haven't had the chance to hit them yet but I will say that I am surprised at how much larger the HM 5 and 6 irons are compared to the HMP. When I hit the HM and HMP 7 irons at a fitting I didn't find them to be that different at address. I also looked at both full sets in the store and didn't notice a huge difference. I haven't hit them yet so I'm just making an observation. I was a bit hesitant about having the HM in the set, especially the 6 iron (was originally just thinking of doi
  10. I ordered on 9/18, and it's on it's way. Unfortunately, my blue box is going to sit in the fedex warehouse nearby all weekend while I play with my soon to be old irons. 3 week turnaround for me.
  11. Funny you say this as I was originally considering a HMP set, but using Forged long irons. It goes against the grain, but my rationale was based purely on looks. The long irons get chunkier in all the sets so I was thinking that a the forged long irons would blend better with the HMP scoring irons (based purely on the look at address). I didn't go this route at the end, but I don't think it's crazy.
  12. I went with 5-6 HM, 7-PW HMP, GW Forged. PX LZ 5.5 shafts. 7.9 index here as well.
  13. Keep in mind that the forged GW is one degree weaker than the HM GW. This may create a bigger gap (pun slightly intended) between the PW and GW, but I’ll play with it for a bit and can always bend it a degree stronger if I find it to be a problem.
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