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  1. Not sure. They've only done 2 rounds of Mevo+ discounts. However, the regular Mevo discount posted above still works.
  2. Please message me if anyone out there wants a brand new epic driver (any model) at a discount.
  3. FYI - 20% off at Golfkicks (www.golfkicks.com) with promo code 100GOLF.
  4. Should be quick. There’s no longer a back order.
  5. I actually saw that. Not only were they $1,000, but the regular Mevos were free. Not sure if people were able to get their orders fulfilled.
  6. FlightScope brought back the $200 off deal for the Mevo+ again - promo code is JULY4STEVE Link here - https://mevo.golf/2URAR0D
  7. I currently have a vokey 54 (S grind 10 bounce) and a 58 high bounce ping wedge. I was thinking of replacing with a new 54 to get fresh grooves, but I just got a new vokey sm8 56 (s grind again) as a gift. Is it stupid to bag a 56 and 58? Or should I replace the 58 with a matching vokey 60?
  8. FYI - last day to get $200 off the Mevo plus using the promo in the original post above.
  9. This has been posted elsewhere, but you can currently save $200 on the Mevo+ using promo code FDSTEVE21 when buying directly through flightscope. Direct link here....http://mevo.golf/3clWSuw
  10. Good news. FlightScope is now offering 10% off the Mevo+ for Father's Day using promo code FDSTEVE21. You can also use this link - www.flightscopemevo.com/FDSTEVE21: The discount should be available for the next week or two. Enjoy!
  11. FYI - this deal is still available. Don't forget to apply the coupon!
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