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  1. FYI - the holiday deals have expired but this one still works.
  2. How much room do you have behind you (between the ball and the unit)? And can you extend your 7 foot distance to 8 feet or more?
  3. Not necessarily. I guess my definition of "performance" as pants that are mostly polyester/spandex. I have a pair that are 98% cotton and 2% spandex that I am basically trying to replace. They are light, have a bit of flex, but I could wear it with a button-down and jacket and it would look fine. You couldn't really do that with "performance" pants.
  4. Looking for recommendations for light/medium weight pants that are NOT performance type pants. I have a great old pair from Banana Republic that are perfect for the course, clubhouse, and office on casual days. My issue with performance type pants is that they are sometimes too light and bunch up at the bottom. They are also difficult to dress up. Plus, I don’t wear pants on hot days so I don’t really need anything that is paper thin. That being said, I also don’t want heavy/thick chinos. Just looking for the perfect in between. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Enjoy it. For those who missed out, the sale is back on. I just updated the original post.
  6. Correct. Comparing outdoor range to outdoor with a net.
  7. I thought the Mevo+ only needed 9 feet from ball to net. At 16 feet, I feel like a lot of irons would go over the net!
  8. Because I've compared the data to range sessions without a net
  9. Do you feel that it negatively impacts your swing? I unfortunately can't get fit for clubs indoors for this reason. I need to be outside on a range for a fitting, which limits my options.
  10. I agree. I think that not having a target in the distance plays a major role here.
  11. I'm having a great deal of trouble hitting into a net in my yard - especially with the driver. I have a launch monitor and my speed and distance is way down when hitting into the net. I'm sure I have some kind of hesitation since I'm only hitting into a net a few feet away. Or maybe I'm just scared of letting loose and hitting my neighbor's house! In any event, I feel like I'm not making my normal swing and I'm probably doing more harm than good by practicing this way. Has anyone else gone through this? Any tips to overcome it?
  12. Mullybox Deals: http://www.mullybox.com?afmc=1e
  13. Active now! Mevo+ $200 OFF (10%) with free shipping Promo Code: MONDAYSO Link: Black Friday Mevo+ Mevo $75 OFF (15%) with free shipping Promo Code: MONDAYMEVOSO Link: Black Friday Mevo
  14. Just updated for Cyber Monday. Active now! DM me for additional savings.
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