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  1. Glad you posted this @hammergolf I’ve been on the search for a waterproof golf bag and when googled a review video, a YouTube comparison came up and the name “Big Max” was reviewed by golf monthly. Then followed the YouTube rabbit trail and a few guys in the UK reviewed it. Looks interesting and relatively affordable. Odd brand name, but every golf bag they make is waterproof. The other new direct to consumer brand that looks interesting is Category Fore, where I believe all their bags are also waterproof. Let us know what you land on!
  2. And the winner is... (drumroll please). it came down to a TSi3 8* tensei Av white raw 60 X vs Radspeed 9* hzrdus RDX blue 70 6.5. I never ever imagined a mid soft section would fit my swing but the misses were sooooo good! radspeed for the win! Ordered a 9* blue crown, standard length (I choke up but if I want the option to swing for the fences now I have it) D4 swingweight, RDX blue 6.5 70 shaft. Soooo pumped!
  3. Interestingly, I got fit today at 2nd swing and it came down to a radspeed with RDX blue 70 6.5 or TSi3 with Av white raw X flex. Honestly if they’d had the 70 gram AV white it might have helped smooth it out, but I was more consistent with the RDX and misses were a touch better. SS on the launch monitor today was 112-115 for context. I would have been happy purchasing either driver in either shaft. Both are awesome, but RDX blue was a hair more consistent Also the RDX blue shouldn’t match my profile, if you look at how I swing and generally need the ball flight lowered, but for me it
  4. Will do! We all love data so I’ll load the many options. Hoping to hit many many many many shaft/head combos! TSi2 is the other one I’m really liking...
  5. Duplicate post mods... sorry can you pull these down? Browser was acting up. Thanks!
  6. @osubuckeyes691 & @fox_todd how is the TX 2.0 holding up for you? I’m about to go get fitted and swing is in winter shape. Was 109-111 on a buddies launch monitor and haven’t swung more than once every 3 weeks so should be able to grab a little more clubhead speed in mid-season form. I was fit into a G400lst with a HZRDUS yellow 75 6.5 and we started getting along REALLY POORLY this last late summer. The rest of our 2.5 years together were generally happy, but I needed a change so now that I’m back on the market I can’t wait to get fit this week. definitely hoping for TSi2/3 or
  7. Hey @Nick_E thanks for your thoughts! I am about to go get fitted this weeks and curious what your take was on the AV Raw White TX? Smoother and straight? I got a Velocore blue this weekend at a buddies simulator and it felt stable, but I think light given it was 65 grams. Hoping TSi2/3 wins out during the fitting
  8. Awesome to see these numbers! Getting fitted next week and hoping the Radspeed or XB wins out. Such a great value...
  9. Some stout shafts! What shaft beat these for the number one spot?
  10. If anyone finds a pair of 9’s I’ll PayPal you plus shipping and fuel, just PM me!
  11. Great! That’s the direction I’m leaning. Can’t wait... I should be enjoying dinner at the boulders this time next week!
  12. I just called clubcorp and they’ve taken away playing privileges at gainey ranch, anthem, and the other course until covid is done. Lame... but sort of what I was expecting. I might pursue legend trail given your reco!
  13. This is a great thread and super informative! Thanks for assembling. Now onto the fun part... @puttnforthe8 or for the thread or other locals... in going to be staying up at the Boulders the latter half of next week. I’ve played there before but don’t feel like dropping $200+ on a round. I’m leaning towards Dove Valley Ranch, Legends Golf trail, or TPC champions and would play the morning 2/4 (it looks cold but I live in MN so I’ll layer up). I also can get access to Los caballeros with my clubcorp play away but don’t really want to spend 2 hours in the car on a quick get
  14. Looks good! Willing to split the M3head and shaft? I’d be interested in the head only... thanks!
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