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  1. If you hold up a men's and a women's side by side and the only thing different is the paint scheme then they are the same just cosmetically different. But if you see some design differences then they won't be the same. Just depends on which manufacturer.
  2. In the FWIW department. A few years ago I had a personal conversation with the vice-president of TaylorMade R & D. The R&D budget, at that time, was 29 million$. The marketing budget was 110 million $. Marketing rules.
  3. Get a 1/2" threaded rod from the Hardware store. Secure it in your vice. Soak the inside of the grip with solvent. Insert rod. Grip the grip tight and pull. Out comes all the gunk left inside.
  4. There is only approx 300 degrees difference between Propane and Butane. Flame temperatures of common gases and fuels Gas / Fuels Flame temperature Propane in air 1980 °C 3596 °F Butane in air 1970 °C 3578 °F Wood in air (normally not reached in a wood stove) 1980 °C 3596 °F Acetylene in air 2550 °C 4622 °F 8 more rows
  5. Stuart ~~~ In one of the past videos of the club making process by Ping. They said that the white painted bottom score line of the club was the reference point to which they base their lie measurement.
  6. Wait until tomorrow or the nest day to test the epoxy again. Pretty sure it'll crack then. Because it's a bit pliable shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Reshafted a set of Ping ISI BeNi with Nippon 950gh and adjusted all the lofts to a couple degrees stronger. Really nice set. Feel is pretty special.
  8. Yesterday a fellow competitor had his ball on the fringe up against the rough. As he took his backswing with the putter he raised a tuft of grass. He stopped his swing and tapped down the tuft. Did he incur any penalty or was he in his right to do so? thanks in advance.
  9. Well OK then. I stand corrected. Ya learn sumthin new every day.
  10. I placed my order the last week in JUNE. Cancelled it a couple weeks ago. At least now your one up on the list. LOL
  11. Use a single edge razor blade and scrape at a 45º angle. Easiest way.
  12. Rolling shutter is only with focal plane shutters. A lot of cameras today don't have focal plane shutters. Especially the newer ones with digital finder. An iPhone doesn't have a focal plane shutter so it's really not relevant.
  13. Adding enough weight soften the shaft to the point where you will notice it will, probably, make it to unwieldy. To reduce it a half of a flex you'd need to add approx 12/15 grams of weight. That would add about 7 swing weights.
  14. Lay the 7, 8 and 9 iron across a table. Check to see the step pattern is the same with all three and the hosel to first step dimension changes in 1/2" increments.
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