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  1. So, I would assume that you changed the Pured position in one of your clubs to an un-pured position to make the distinction?
  2. Please explain how to apply heat to a shaft tip 'indirectly'. I have no idea why you would want to heat the shaft. Just use an appropriate size, sharp, drill bit. No need to heat the tip.
  3. Sure. You can use Duct/Duck tape. Just expect that the next person who regrips your clubs may charge you by the hour. Sheesh. Duct tape! The bane of club makers for ever.
  4. Take it back and ask for the manager. He should make it right for you. No real excuse for what you went through.
  5. Do NOT believe this is correct. And the distance between two US Opens at Pinehurst WAS over 20 yards with the difference being the two different balls. As a matter of fact John Calabria who worked for Titleist tried to talk them into changing manufacturing to a Solid Core with windings. Titleist didn't take and he went to MaxFli and developed the Revolution. With the success of the Revolution Titleist took note and re-tooled to compete with Maxfli. Thus the Professional.
  6. I once played in a Golfweek tournament in SW Florida at a Fazio designed GC. All the fairways were canted to each side for drainage. Along both sides were palmetto bushes . The 4 in our group were all 5 handicaps. Before we teed off the committee told us that if there was any possibility that our tee shot may have run off the fairway left or right to play a provisional ball. In our group we played approx 30 provisionals. Not much fun. But the best was that play was only 4 1/2 hours. And that was for a gross score competition.
  7. Once again. I didn't assume anything. Just stated some reasons why there may be a shortage at a particular shop. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of balls anywhere in the Jacksonville Florida area. Are you in the north? As I stated in a previous post. Manufacturers tend to allocate more shipment to the southern states as the northern golf season comes to an end.
  8. Which one? There are several big box stores here in the Jacksonville Fl area and none seem to have a shortage of balls. Just saying. Keep another thing in mind also. As the golf season in the north comes to an end more balls and equipment are sent to the southern states.
  9. I didn't assume anything. For all I know you might be the cart bag guy or the custodian. So, explain to me your position and your familiarity with the financials at where you work. "My Proshop"???? Do you own the pro shop? Head Pro? Assistant? Private club? Muni? Just curious.
  10. Back when one of the U.S. Opens at Pinehurst the balls most were using was the Titleist Balata (liquid center, rubber windings). The next Open they had at Pinehurst most were using the Titleist Professional (solid center with rubber windings). That resulted in approx 20 yards more diving distance on average. When the Pro V (Solid center, no more rubber windings) distance increased more. It's DA Ball baby. It's DA Ball. .
  11. There may be a few reasons a golf course pro shop doesn't get an allotment of balls. First might be an accounts payable problem. Or maybe they've hit their credit limit. Because it's a shortage at one doesn't mean it's a universal shortage.
  12. Only if that individual is a teammate or caddy. Others - no problem.
  13. Take the shaft remains that have the ferrule still on it and take the ferrule off. If there is rust beneath the ferrule then that may just be the culprit. When you clean your clubs do you soak them in water that rises above the hosel?
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