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  1. Don't use a 3/8" reamer. Pop for the ones at McMaster Carr or any tooling retailer. MSC direct. Grainger.
  2. And don't soak the irons/wedges above the hosel. Water can get in between the ferrule and shaft and cause rusting and eventually a shaft will break at the hosel.
  3. https://www.golfworks.com/pro-line-paint-pens/p/mkm/
  4. If your handicap is truly 1.9 then I do believe you are just trolling.
  5. Cast cuts easily. When you try to sharpen grooves on forged irons you are actually removing the plating. Easy to rust then on. Cast is not a problem. If you are putting so much force into cutting the grooves that you run the risk of running out of a groove and marring the face then you are using way to much force.
  6. You really should replace it. A dent in a steel shaft is trouble waiting to happen. The shaft is compromised at the dent and subject to breakage. Could be tomorrow or weeks from now but it needs to be replace.
  7. That is why Ping paints the bottom groove on their irons so when put on the measuring device it becomes the registration point.
  8. But it's not true. Not necessarily anyway. It really depends on the golfer whether back weighting will or will not benefit them.
  9. Well, that's a new one. Would be hard pressed to believe that Ping, in all their testing, would settle on anything that would impede swing speed.
  10. The reason Ping went to counter balanced shafts is because they were the first one to make 45.75" their standard length. The length is the reason for counter balanced shafts. Not the head weight.
  11. Keep this in mind. If everyone in your foursome shaved 15 seconds off during the each hole you would save 18 minutes off your round time. And really. 15 seconds is nothing. Somebody say something about 20 seconds?????
  12. Well, over the years I've seen a lot of peeps slam the putter into the ground on the way back to the cart. So, yeah they can be knocked out of spec. But more importantly is the fact they may not be the correct spec for you right off the shelf.
  13. Here is a pic of a Ping i200 showing the cog (Blue dot). Red dot is cog with the hosel filled to the top with tungsten powder. How much really do you thing this effects performance? Not feel. That's completely a different subject.
  14. Where's Arnie when we need him???
  15. Ness. It seems that somewhere I read that the ProSoft inserts are a closed cell foam rather than an open cell. Or vice/versa. Can't remember. One won't hold water one will. Not sure which is which though.
  16. If the clubs were epoxied then set up on a bench with the toe touching and the shaft against the wall the shafts probably canted toward the front of the hosel. IF that is the case there probably isn't an issue of integrity but the lies will all be off. You say the lies and lofts were adjusted accordingly then you should be good to go. Just keep an eye out for movement of the shaft in the hosel.
  17. Agreed. That's why I always take into consideration the slope and course ratings from the various tees.
  18. If you want to split hairs 2g in the short clubs won't equal 1 swing weight and 2 gram in a driver will get you more than one swing weight. Where else would you put 2g if not in the hosel? (excluding using lead tape)
  19. Which USGA spec are you refering to? And why would you need 6-8 grams if you are only shortening a club 1/4" - 1/2"???
  20. I don't care how good, or not good, you are. Play whatever tees you want to but if you play all the way back you better play at a decent pace. If not, then we have a problem.
  21. Funny but that would be my first choice to mess around with. Thanks for the referral.
  22. I want your 5 wood club head speed. That's a really well struck driver for me. LOL
  23. It seems that as shaft weight get heavier there are no "A" flex or "L" flex shafts. Does anyone know of a shaft that would weigh in the neighborhood of 115/120 grams and flex out near a senior flex?
  24. Hard to believe these came out of the Ping facility like that. It looks to me like the PW and the 7 iron have been re shafted at one time and whoever did it didn't take into consideration the other clubs for reference.
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