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  1. I know he is using a Cameron with 100% certanity. I was on the putting green yesterday....he had a SC GSS, with white paint fill and a Red CT, Black Studio Design Grip.
  2. Still gotta go with Tiger's gamer...that would go for Millions.
  3. The Scotty wasback in his bag this week.
  4. Yep, they are the Emu's. The look more like Snake to me actually. The Gold Crown is a great touch. 500.00 each.
  5. I think there in lies the problem. I honeslty don't think they are her Goals. They are BJ's and the sponsers. It's a young, undeveloped, inpressionable mind that is being told what to do and what they should do in such a way that it comes across as there own idea. BJ treats his daughter like she has an experation date on her forehead and little does he know all he is driving her to be is Ms. Capriati (sp) or Mr. Tryon not Mr. Woods. Earl he isn't.
  6. Interesting....anytime "Wiesy" breaks 90 she thinks its a good round. Thus, Interesting that there is no ROUND 3 or 4 WIE WATCHES to be seen.
  7. Actually, many of us are already playing Tiger's spec's. Believe it or not, Tiger uses regular off the rack specs, 35" 330g, 4* and 71. On a Newport 2 GSS with Blacked out Ping man Grip.
  8. Newport 2 in GSS. These are also the Cameron & Co. (After Tiffany & Co.) or C&Co. Putters. This is actually very very similar to Tiger's putter, but with out the Tiger/Woods on the bump stops. Cost- 5,500-6000 or so.
  9. I think the bottom line is that the Detour is going to be the perfect putter for some, especially with a gated stroke, while those with the Pelz'ian straight back method, this will be the last putter you should pick up. Hence the reason why I wont, unless I want to change my stroke, and it that case, this would be a great training ade to bring on the course.
  10. ...nice find indeed. And about 7-8K plus found its way out of his wallet on that one! WHAT A BEAUTY!
  11. Very much so worth it in my opnion. The simple yearly package that you get will more then pay for your membership... For example this years items will bring...Backpack(55-60),Headcover(35),Shirt(20),Hat(20), Pin and Sticker (10)...your looking at about 150 bucks if you parted it out and sold it, and the membership is 99. So yea, it more then pays for itself if youchoose, plus, in addition to buying items and limited 1st of500 items, you get awesome audio, studio thoughts interviews, a great new video player withinside looks, interviews etc at thestudio and also garage talk to interact and
  12. Here is a registry pic of Tiger's putter...every year Scotty makes 2-4 for Tiger and has made about 50 thus far... http://www.scottycameron.com/authenticatio...gistry=A000017# We discuss alot on the Cameron forums what Tiger's gamer would go for when its all said and done...the consensus between major major collectors and from some of the major distributors of Cameron Tour putters out there think "in the multi-millions" is accurate.
  13. A Scotty Cameron Newport 2 made from GSS with a Ping Grip grip that is balcked out, something he has used since way back...
  14. Fancy Face 009, no contest.
  15. Dimarco. Winner: Tiger or Tiger...beacause this tourney is OVA!
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