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  1. Ok, let’s have a look at some of the descriptions in your post and work through this... You described your swing as being somewhat like Jon Rahm’s with a short backswing and a rushed tempo. From my experience, it tends to be a great number of golfers who have a shorter swing and a rushed/quick tempo need a little more shaft weight relatively speaking to aid in “smoothing” their backswing/downswing transition and tempo in general. Also, as golfers that tend to have a shorter swing with a faster transition more often than not load the shaft pretty hard they ne
  2. The Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX is close to perfect for me. Having said that, if I could find something much stiffer in the tip and slightly softer in the butt I would likely play it. Can anyone recommend something that fits that description?
  3. Very much an entry level brand of clubs sold at K-Mart and off course retailers during the mid to late 1990s.
  4. Ping G410 and G425 drivers have a flat setting option that is 3 degrees flatter. The LS Tec heads are 57 degrees as an average of the settings, so I gather this means that the flat setting is 1.5 degrees flatter at 55.5 degrees. Wishon drivers have a bendable hosel, I’ve got one that is 54 degrees. Callaway also do an adaptor that offers a .75 degree flat setting, with some of the Sub Zero model heads measuring at 56 degrees they come in at 55.25 degrees. (56 is the flattest head that I have found however)
  5. There simply is no equal to leather, and for me the Gripmaster Roo grip is the way to go. They actually get tackier as they get some moisture on them! A little pricey to start with perhaps, but they last 4-5 times as long so they actually work out to be more cost effective in the long run.
  6. Err, they did use carbon in the Titleist 909D Comp... I still have a 10.5 degree head in great condition. same for the Ping Rapture
  7. If you don’t want to destroy the grips then a compressor is the way to go, these grips are very durable and can take WAY more PSI than a rubber grip when blowing them off. if you don’t want to save them a hook blade will remove them no dramas at all. I’ve installed and/or removed 100s of these grips, and I agree the Kangaroo are by far the best grip on the market!
  8. They do use them on wedges, I have seen L and H stamp wedges available and likely that there is the W stamp too.
  9. They use these heads for some builds of Legacy irons, but generally speaking the different head weights with the hosel stamp designation is reserved for Callaway’s Pro Tour dept.
  10. Yes, I have experience with the Green, White and Red dot adaptors along with the standard ones. Green has a -2 marking, the face certainly sits open when this setting is chosen. I haven’t measured the face angle in this setting but for my own driver it sets up around 4 degrees open in this setting. The red dot adaptor is .75 degrees flatter in lie angle for all settings, other settings for face angle/loft are not altered. The white dot adaptor is considerably more upright, basically think of it as a green dot adaptor but where the extra bias is set up for a more upright lie than a lower loft/m
  11. Yes, I’ve seen it for many many years. My first driver was a Honma Persimmon that was my father’s (I still have it too!) it has the logo on the shaft which is a True Temper Dynamic Gold S200.
  12. It is a “Standards” logo used in Japan, you will see it on a number of different brands of shafts. Similar to the CE marking on goods, it certifies that it has met certain regulatory or industry standards.
  13. You don’t need to add a bread deal of hotmelt to change the sound of the a club. 4g-8g would make a massive difference generally. This is a considerable amount of weight to add though, so order the irons lighter so you can add weight as required to adjust the acoustics to your desire.
  14. 9 degree Sub Zero, the plus designation regards a COG position that is slightly different to the std model. Spin is very slightly higher if I recall.
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