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  1. Snap one just before the end of his backswing as well and post it just before that one. That will really show it.
  2. I was fortunate enough to book an online lesson with Jim last night. Short answer, if you have the means and he has the time, DO IT. I got about 6 pages of notes from our session and it feels like I've got about a year's worth of amazing feedback and observations to work with. His insight is pretty unique. I've got a bad habit of chewing up and spitting out golf instructors over the past 10 years or so and I can honestly say the feedback I got from one session with J Dub was better quality and quantity than what I've received from local (South Florida) coaches, in some cases, over an entire
  3. Just booked (I hope) a remote lesson with J Dub. Can't wait.
  4. http://simplegolf.com/blog/full-swing/basics-full-swing/power-thumb-grip/power-thumb-grip/ Is this heading down the right path?
  5. Great write-up OP. As if I didn't want to book a lesson with Jim bad enough as it was. Where can I find out more about this 10-finger, long power thumb grip? I can't say I feel like my current grip has me really attached to the club all that well. Thanks!
  6. Awesome thank you. When you say 'take a normal swing starting from that P6 position,' I assume that means start the backswing from the P6, NOT try a chopped off follow through swing from the P6 position. I.E. take a full backswing from P6 then try to hit the spot you just tapped 3 times.
  7. [quote name='Jim Waldron' timestamp='1367550418' post='6962003'] [quote name='Cwebb' timestamp='1367542173' post='6961153'] [quote name='Ezgolfer' timestamp='1367528663' post='6959971'] [quote name='Jim Waldron' timestamp='1367500375' post='6956761'] The Right Arm Angle Illusion version of this is that the angle in your right arm at the elbow - about 75-90 degrees at the Top, will release mostly in the vertical dimension, ie downward - and very little in the horizontal dimension, unless you are using the Pro Model transition move of shaft flattening, and even then it is still mostly in the
  8. Man this drill is awesome. Hit a bucket at lunch and compressed the ball as well as I ever have. It's amazing how easy it is to slip back into 'arms across the body,' even when you're conscious of it.
  9. Dammit just when I was about to give up the game for the 100th time... Jim pulls me back in.
  10. That Steve Bann video where he shows the arms go up and down not side to side has been probably the biggest. *knock on wood*
  11. Uuuuugh had a few shanks today that drove me nuts. More of a heel shot than a pure hosel rocket but still maddening. Thanks for all the replies. I'll give them a shot.
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