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  1. I put a Motore vc 5.2 tour spec in the g410. It has been the best equipment move I have made. I am not sure where I got the shaft from, but it has Poulter etched on it. Might have been made for him.
  2. I would look ar T300 irons. They are great golf clubs that just flat out perform.
  3. Srixon 785s have heads. They swing heavy to me, no matter what the swingweight says.
  4. If you are a sweeper of the ball I would advise the T300s. I am a sweeper and really like the T300s. I wanted to like the G410s, but I cannot get along with the sole.
  5. I have the T300s, could not be happier. Full disclosure, I have never bought into the Mizuno hype, they just don't feel good to me.
  6. What shafts? If the t300s have the red amt in them there could be a significant weight difference.
  7. Hey Duff, As many 3 woods that you went through a few years ago, you could be sitting on goldmine ?
  8. They are true to size and a little on the narrow side. I think they are very good, not as comfortable as my Eccos, but they also do not look like bowling shoes either ?
  9. For me the Pings spun too much. I am a high spin player and the 785s are a better fit for me. Plus the 785s are longer (less spin).
  10. Had 0211 for a very little time, no have 585/785 combo set and could not be happier. For me the Srixon's are a much better set.
  11. I think the 785s are better clubs, more forgiving but a little bigger. Srixon's are also softer. Full disclosure, I think the T100s are a little small for my liking.
  12. I will stand behind what I said, it is accurate.
  13. Yes, why would I make this up? Their clubs are great, but that is Taylor Made quality control.
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