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  1. I have a set of black KBS tours in my Ping G710's. No issues at all with durability or chipping. Love the look of the black shaft with the black head.
  2. I do own the V2 coupled with a Clic Gear and the conversion kit. As mentioned above, if you have a push cart today that you like, then the V2 is the way to go. If you don't have a cart, I would go with an all in one vs. the V2 + cart. My final choices prior to purchasing the V2 was a CARTTEK out of Oregon. Seemed like a great company, good service, quality product, etc. But then again I think the Zip is all that as well.
  3. Hutch - I briefly tried the $tapers on a monitor a while ago (I think when I got the LZ's) and for me they were a little to much, but a little hard to remember. I just know that they didn't work. Regarding the CTL's to the Tours - definitely a higher launch and overall a better fit for my swing as I get older. Probably picked up a little spin also with the Tours, but that could be the heads also. I have the CTL's in a set of Cobra's and the Tours in my Pings. Both iron heads were on the game improvement side so they were a little lower spin / stronger lofts anyway, but never had an issue holding greens with them. I also found the Tours a little bit easier to swing even though they weights were the same between the two. Certainly worth you trying them out if you are looking for a little bit more launch than the $tapers. Hope this helps.
  4. Quick photo of the bag. Using the KOOVA rack mounted on the wall.
  5. I have both the C130S and the Ping Tour. For overall storage the C130S is better. More pockets, better laid out, etc. For "curb appeal" the Ping is awesome. Great materials, looks great, etc. For this reason I use the Ping all the time now. Easily fits on my ClicGear cart.
  6. If every other club is OK, do a quick experiment and try choking up 1/2" to 1" on the driver. It just might be the overall length that is throwing you off. Certainly not an end all fix, but might be worth trying a few on the range and see if this helps.
  7. 1. City, State - Mason, OH2. Handicap - 83. What do you use for distances on the course? - Laser range finder4. If you use a laser rangefinder, what model do you use? Bushnell 45. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  8. Typically the higher priced ones will be made from a higher grade / thinner leather, while the lower priced ones will use synthetic materials that can be heavier and wear longer. Find one that fits you properly and makes the grip comfortable regardless of price. If you are budget conscious some of the lower priced versions can work well.
  9. I have the E Wheels on my CG and after a few months of using it am quite happy with it. There is a very good FB group dedicated to the E Wheels that you might want to check out. Regarding front wheel swivel and space. Yes it does take up more space as the front wheels are approx 20" wide so you need to account for that. Photo below for your reference. Battery charging - I plug mine in the night before I use it and have never had an issue. Same for the remote. I think quite a few users also plug it in and leave it like you mention, but again check out the FB group for that. I also like the added stability of the wider wheelbase on the E Wheels. With the wheelie bars attached, I have never had any possible issue with tipping. Last point of note - the swivel conversion kit for the front has a turn radius of 10-15ft give or take - think of a lawn tractor vs. a zero turn mower. If I need to turn in 180* at once, I just help it along by hand. Very easy.
  10. I have tried them extensively on an indoor trackman, but have not pulled the trigger yet. I currently have the Ping G710 and had the G700's prior. I found the Srixon to be very nice and if I was in the market would be on my short list. I have also tried the Cobra Forged Tec and both TM's and didn't care for either of them. Don't know if this helps or not, just a quick opinion
  11. I have always used a clic gear cart and have been happy with it. I caddied for a player this past weekend using a Sun Mountain speed cart. I found the SM to push easier than my CG by a small amount - just seemed to roll better. Now the downside - with the CG when going down hill you can "feather" the brake so that the cart doesn't get away from you. Can't do that on the SM - believe me I tried. So while the uphill might be a little bit easier, the downhill portions - think cart path under a bridge, or coming off of an elevated tee is MUCH easier with the CG. Enough so, that if I had both options I would use the CG just for this reason.
  12. If you like the Ping, why don't you try and find a LST model from the same model year as your SFT.
  13. OP - the quality of construction on the Clic Gear is top notch IMO. I have had the same one for 7+ years and it is still going strong. I have friends with other less expensive ones and it does seem to hold true to the get what you pay for adage. I also have the seat attachment as well as a buddy does also. For the really slow rounds it does help take strain off back and legs. That being said, I did upgrade to the Alphard V2 Wheels for this season. This attaches to my current CG and works really well. The Stewart brand noted above is also very good, but can get a little pricey. Other remote full cart options to look at if interested would be the Cart Tek brand. There are some good threads on remote battery carts if you want to go in that direction. Back to the push cart - the CG seat attachment is pretty slick. Easy to install, use, and doesn't get in the way at all. Don't be afraid of the overall weight of the CG either - it pushes quite easily and I never had an issue with the weight of it. NOTE - if you have a stand bag, they also have an accessory that keeps the bag from twisting. I can't remember the name of it, but they do have it on their site and it works really well. I have one and really like it.
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