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  1. I need the coupon code that says free . Thanks for the chance, never heard of your brand.
  2. Looking for Speedzone or Rad hybrids with x flex.....who’s selling??
  3. Happy Hump Day!! I won a Sim 2 hybrid but I don’t think the shaft is going to work. It has a Stiff Tensei shaft but I need X Stiff. Anyone have an X that they would trade? The other possible scenario is trade the entire club for a Cobra Hybrid with x flex. Let me know if you have any questions!! Let’s put a price of $280 shipped because I have to, but would rather trade. Let me know if you have any interest.
  4. I currently hit SM6’s and I’m due for an upgrade. I know it’s personal preference but debating on staying Vokey or trying a different brand. Shoot, I may even try Kirtland Signature. I hit a 52 and 56 currently. I appreciate any feedback I can get.
  5. Only have the Small left!!!!! Just two things today up for sale. I have a brand new with tag Travis Mathews Wall 4 button Sweater in two colors. These are comfortable, look great and have built in side pockets. Smoke free home and I have a dog that doesn’t shed Red is a Medium $SOLD shipped Gray is a Small $45 shipped
  6. 1. Club Champion 2. Warrensville Heights, OH 5. 5 4. Cobra Speedzone Extreme with Accra tipped 1” plays at 44”. 5. No 6. TSi3 7. Heck yeah!!!! I’m just an average guy who plays golf by feel so you will get an extremely honest review against my gamer.
  7. I’m sure it’s my swing but I want to tinker to find something that will find some fairways!! I think I swing too hard for Stiff but I did like the comment of Shafts that load different. I really have no clue by judging my swing but maybe a few lower price shafts are in my future. How about the SZ Extreme, could help me out as I see it’s a bit more forgiving!!
  8. Weird question I know!! I’ve been getting up to the tee lately and haven’t the slightest clue where my next drive is going. I have always played an X flex with a nice tight draw but this year I seem to be hanging shots to the right(probably my hands or my swing but.......lol) I currently play an F9 with the Atmos in X, it hits bombs but they are useless unless I can control them. I’m normally around 3 Bills off the tee, any chance a Stiff flex would help? My town has zero options for fitting so I come to you guys for help!!! Thanks.
  9. Can you pm me a price for the Mizuno’s shipped to Ohio 44030. Thanks!!!
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