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  1. Does anyone have any arguments as to why a college should keep a golf team?
  2. Thanks for the reply... I will try and find out what it is costing the school for the golf team. They have no overnight tourneys and there home course is a course owned by the coach. They get 2 shirts and a jacket a season. I don't think the school even bought them balls last season. There season is 4 matches in the fall and a three in the spring. My son asked about getting alumni backing and was told that was fine but the alumni would have to pay the scholarship money also. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks for the reply. His major is Pre Med and I don't think changing schools because of golf is an option. I was looking for talking points that I could take to the administration as to why a golf program is an asset to the school. I am really just grasping for straws here but I can not do nothing. Thanks Mark
  4. My son was offered a scholarship to play golf at " A nationally-recognized liberal arts college in Northern Indiana known for intercultural and international education, sustainability and social justice." He is a sophomore there now and was just informed by the school that after his spring season the school is dropping the program. He was told that the golf program was not benefiting the school. I am clearly at a lose as to what I can do. We fight so many battles as our kids grow up, I did not see this one coming. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
  5. As far as the camera ... He has an IPhone with V1 on it. Will that give the same feedback?
  6. Thanks for the help! I just ordered the book and it will be here next week. Thanks again for the help. Mark
  7. I have a post on here looking for help with some training equipment for my son who is playing golf for Goshen College in northern Indiana. One of the reply's on this thread suggested he work a physical training program for the off season. I had my son talk to the trainer at his school and from her reply she has no experience with golfers. So..... any ideas on where or how to get my son hooked up with a program in northern Indiana? Thanks Mark
  8. Thanks for all the reply's! I have thought of buying a high speed camera for the past couple years. If I had an unlimited budget I would buy a camera and a machine like the opti-shot. This would give him all the feedback he would get if I could get him to his lessons. I would put the camera behind him for a down the line view and the opti-shot for the fun information. This would also require me to purchase two TVs and a computer to run the opti-shot. I do not have the budget for that right now. In the past his lessons have been run with this kind of setup. He knows how to use this information to get his swing grooved which is my hope for this off season. I guess I will have to do what I can when I can and be happy with that. Thanks again for all the help Mark
  9. He is a freshman at Goshen College in Goshen Indiana. There fall season ended this week and now they get ready for the spring season.
  10. Would the Opti-shot be a good choice? What else would I have to buy if this is the way I go? From there web site this is the way I was thinking of going. Thanks for the reply's !! Mark
  11. I think he can work on his chipping inside putting will be a little harder. He is working out now and plans to work thru the winter. I think his coach has told them they are required to hit into the net so many hours a week.
  12. My son is playing golf for a small college in northern Indiana. There fall season ends tomorrow and soon all he will be able to do is hit into a net in one of the handball courts. What can I buy for him to use so he can get feedback on what he is doing? I can not afford a trackman but I would like him to be able to check swing plane, face angle and path. I am afraid if I don't do something he will spend the winter hitting balls into a net with no feedback.... Thank you for any suggestions. Mark
  13. Thanks for the reply. I am going to do just that and see what he gains in pattern and loses in distance.
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