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  1. Okay, I tried several shafts in the 8 iron head and settled on the Nippon 950 GH shafts. They played the best for me. I am not going to touch the heads except possibly removing and refilling the paint fill. They have a great patina as is. Thanks everyone!
  2. If these aren't sold here by the end of the day Saturday, I'm closing this ad and moving to eBay.
  3. No rash, but I took a picture after wiping the iron down and there is a small "dent" visible in the hi-res macro pictures. It is small and I can't see it with the naked eye, even knowing where to look. But you can see it in the pictures.
  4. Just to see if we can get these moved, $850 for the irons alone, $950 for everything together.
  5. I forgot to add the 3-iron Crossover with regular flex Alta CB shaft. It is included with the irons set. Pictures here, and also picts of the shaft bands (they aren't really bands but painted on) as requested.
  6. For sale today is a set of Ping G710 Irons, 5-U, with AWT regular flex shafts and midsize MCC Plus4 ALIGN grips. These irons have been used for 3 rounds. Almost no sign of use, some irons have not been hit at all. I love these clubs but on the course my current set-up works just a bit better for me. I also have a pair of Ping Glide 3 wedges lofted at 54° and 58° (58° is sold) I picked up to match the G710 lofts. Also barely used. I am asking $900 $850 $800 SOLD for the irons, and SOLD each for the wedges. If someone wants to buy the entire set irons, Crossover, and 54° wedge I'll let it all go for $1000 $950 $900 SOLD prices include shipping and PayPal fees. I normally ship within 24 hours of payment and use USPS Priority mail. I am not interested in trades, and the price is pretty firm but I never ignore offers. Here are some pics. I am happy to take more upon request. These pics are high resolution macro and show everything for full disclosure, but these irons look new to the naked eye . I also accept returns as long as you let me know you want to return them within 24 hours, and you don't use them!
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