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  1. I finally received a real answer form PayPal Executive Services. Apparently I was part of a program called "Funds Now" which was discontinued. Therefore my sales now result in holds. For sellers like me (or really any hobbyist) I do not make enough sales in a short time span to develop a pattern of positive sales. The person I spoke with said that PayPal is looking at ways to deal with sellers such as myself who have a long history of positive transactions but do not fall into the accepted protocols. I don't know if they really are working on a program for people like me, but at least I finally received something that is not a scripted answer.
  2. I'd like to sell these today ands ship tomorrow morning... great time to make reasonable offers
  3. Pinned post... Putter info removed as putter has been sold and delivered to its new home.
  4. I could understand if I had a complaint or had failed to deliver. Anything negative. The hold out of the blue on a spotless, long term account with plenty of positive history, is really problematic and unexpected. And annoying as hell.
  5. I did. They basically said "screw you."
  6. Just venting... I just sold a putter in the BST and transaction went smoothly. At least until I went to PayPal. That is when I noticed that there is a 21-day hold on the funds. I was so angry I almost refunded the buyer's payment and kept the putter. Of course it is not the buyer's fault, so I shipped the putter on time, as agreed. Here's my issue: I have been with PayPal for 21 years. Since the day they opened thier doors. In that time I have NEVER, EVER had any negative transactions. No chargebacks, complaints etc. Never. I have 100's of transactions, always ship within 3 days (normally within 24 hours) and not a single issue. In addition, the hold is totally random and unexpected. When contacted, PayPal sent me to a page that describes why a hold may be placed, but would not tell me specifically why MY payment had been held. After raising hell I finally got PayPal to tell me it my funds are being held because I haven't made a sale since August. So? I am not a company, I sell things when I have something to sell. Sometimes I'll sell a bunch of stuff, sometimes it will be a while between sales. It isn't as if this is the first time I've gone several months between sales, so why now? A customer with a 21-year history of positive transactions should not have to wait 21 days for payment or rely on the buyer to notify PayPal an item has arrived. If they are going to hold payments for 21 days, I may as well go back to the before times and sell using cashier's checks. I'd save the PayPal fees. Thank you for listening to my rant. Carry on
  7. Ready to hear offers on the Pings... feeling motivated a little bit. :)
  8. Unfortunately, I do not know who did it, although I can say it is perfect.
  9. I forgot to add, as always, I stand behind what I sell. If you decide that the putter or irons aren't for you, return them for a refund. My only conditions are: that you do not use the club(s), that you notify me within 24 hours of their delivery, and that you pay return shipping.
  10. I bought a set. They are in the BST already. There is something wrong with me...
  11. Ping Copper- Beryllium Eye 2 irons. Set includes 3 - SW. I installed a new set of Nippon NS Pro 950 GH in regular flex. The original shafts were rusty and bent in places. I was also looking for a higher launch and these shafts fit the bill. The clubs are gripped with new mid-size Golf Pride Plus 4. The heads are left unrestored. They have a very nice patina that I like. They will polish if the buyer prefers a shiny look. Serial numbers match across the set. Asking $400 shipped USPS insured. All prices are OBO. I am not interested in trades at this time with the possible exception of interesting T.P. Mills putters. I normally ship within 24 hours of payment. First is a Scotty Cameron Limited Edition T22. It has been customized as you can see in the pics, work is perfect and any dust or other debris is from a second head cover I used to store the putter. The finish is unmarred in any way. The length is 35" and the loft and lie are Scotty standard. It has a custom, limited edition, Barney Adams Stability Tour Black (https://breakthroughgolftech.com/stabilitytourblack/) shaft. The insert is slightly discolored. I believe it will polish out, but I am not touching the insert - I'll leave that to the buyer. Comes with original head cover. Asking $930 $825 shipped USPS insured. SOLD “ pin 12/4
  12. Oh sorry... I'll get them right after work today
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