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  1. Great! Thanks! I will post pics. Any excuse to post pictures of my bag is a good thing.
  2. Well, I did a search and read 5 pages deep. Hopefully this is an easy question... What size are the Odyssey weights in the new OGs? Are weights from any earlier Odyssey putter lines compatible? I'd really like to put some of the red O-Works weights in the head...
  3. <sigh> I want these... too bad I just picked up a putter and some wedges. Is it wrong to hope these are still for sale when I get paid in a week?
  4. Not sure if I can edit the thread to put the pics back in the right place Okay, you can't delete a post anymore. Anyway, I did fix the images, so here it is, and I will update it with my current bag tomorrow. I got Feedback back, and I can fix my WITB. I am back to loving GolfWRX
  5. I still have them but haven't had to pull them out in a while, thank goodness. They really hurt my esthetic sensibilities, but I just hit them well. They shafts are starting to rust - not sure why that took so long. Sadly, the switching back and forth between the GolfWRX software messed up the thread.
  6. Thanks! What is the difference between the 5F3 and the 4F3?
  7. Hi everyone! I am looking to replace my Fusion with the new Big Bertha B21. I love the Recoil 440 F3 that is in the Fusion and I would like to use it in my new driver, but of course, they no longer offer it. I know I can switch it using the Optifit (or whatever they are calling it now-a-days) but since I am paying for a shaft and head, I'd kind of like to get a new shaft that is going to work! Can anyone offer an opinion (an educated one please ) about which of Callaway's current shaft offerings would play closest to the Recoil? Not sure what information is helpful - my swing speed
  8. I know this putter It has a great feel (typical Mills) and balance. Also has a pencil neck and a Mills shaft band - not sure how common those are now but "in the day" most Mills came without a shaft band. Only saying this because I can't afford to buy her back
  9. Too bad it's not payday or I'd be all over that murdered out Scotty... do you need a kidney by any chance?
  10. If these were regular flex I'd snap them up in a heartbeat. Why are all the cool toys stiff- or x-flex?
  11. Two putters today: Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle. 34 inch and standard specs. This is in like-new condition. It has seen 3 rounds and if I didn't tell you it was used you wouldn't be able to tell. Ships with stock head cover. Asking $175 OBO shipped to your door. I ship USPS Priority, normally within 24 hours of payment. Next is one of my favorite putters, a T.P. Mills Klassic, stainless head, hand-stamped. Plays at 33 3/4 inches. Has a new Tour Pride Tour only 88cc grip. Has a TIG welded neck with ferrule. Will come with a TP Mills cover signed by David Mills. Asking SOLD for this one, s
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