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  1. Local 9 hole track I thoroughly enjoy is a top notch W/S dealer. Had enough trades and credit, thinning the herd, to acquire these. The driver and 3 wood rival the SIM2 MAX driver and 16.5* fairway I’ve been playing. So much, that the SIM2 MAX driver is taking a break and the fairway is gone! Figured the 5 wood will put the DHY to a trial. Haven’t bagged 2 fairway woods in forever. Plus a new putter grip that I bought at DSG yesterday with a $30 cash reward!
  2. Oh, it was painful alright. I was down from end of January till the end of May. I have the MAX2 fairway, 16.5, with a Px EvenFlow TipTide 60 in it. Like the mid flight off deck but can easily elevate it, and a mid/high flight off the tee. It’s long and I’m by no means WRX long. Yesterday was shamble day for our regular Wednesday weekly group and I also had a spare 400 Max on the range and at the request of our son,put it into the YOTA rather quickly. Good luck in your quest.
  3. Did not. After my experience with the OG SIM, the SIM2 wasn’t even on my radar. I ordered the MAX2 blindly as soon as they were up for preorder at the time, along with the 16.5* fairway. I was down with an Achilles issue at the time and didn’t even get to hit mine for 3 months after I got it
  4. Who’d want to have a newly purchased high dollar putter restored
  5. Unless you’re chasing distance, absolutely they’d be fine. I play a set regularly that are way older than 15 years old, they’re from the early 80s! As long as the shaft fits you and you like them, by all means play older irons.
  6. I’ve added a newly purchased SIM DHY as my hybridat 19* to help the gap with my 23* 3 iron. We shall see in today’s regular Wednesday morning shamble how it fares. Only get hit on the par 5s pending who I’m teamed with today. Our son is usually driver, 4/5 iron out on par 5s at the regular course we play.
  7. At times, this place is poisonous!!
  8. Was a pure stroke of luck. It’s my go to now, made mine come alive!
  9. This showed up today. 19* playing 39”. Was wanting something with a tad more height and spin. It’ll get a trial run in the morning. Hopefully the shaft will help it.
  10. The SIM had the stock stiff, although I did try my stock Tensei Orange in it as well. The Orange performed so well in my M5 Tour but not in the OG SIM. I had TM put a ALDILA GREEN NV, another of my all time faves, but again, the ORANGE brought the SIM2 MAX to life, for me at least. The GREEN and TENSEI both have always worked by chance, so I stick with them! I also put the loft sleeve a few clicks towards higher, where there’s only the little lines, blank as Trottie referred to it after watching a video of his, which brought the toe up. Helped me tremendously with that little move. Our son, pretty much scratch golfer, plays the OG SIM and loves it. He just put a Speeder of some sort, I’d have to double check , in it and what a difference it made in it for him. Me personally, I’d recommend the SIM2 MAX, but that’s just me. On a side note, they’re no better than the M6 to me, but that’s just me. Good luck in your quest. Hope this helps!
  11. I’ve been looking for a 5 wood, looks like this thread has helped!
  12. And yet you use a TMB 2. Why bout use a CB 2 iron to match your set? #winkwink ….
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