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  1. Played a m5 Tour with the stock Orange in it and loved it. In fact, I’ve kept it for a trial run against my Green NV that I ordered in my Sim2 Max. Due to an Achilles injury my Max has been collecting dust for several months though. Love the stock Orange! Very stable and penetrating flight.
  2. I received this but I’m offshore for 2 1/2 more weeks! 34”
  3. Wrong topic, sorry guys!!
  4. Early Father’s Day gift. 34”. Will be 3 more weeks offshore though before I get to try it out!
  5. Early Father’s Day gift from our son. 34”. Unfortunately it’ll be 3 weeks till I get back to shore to use it!
  6. Cobra has always been on top of their custom orders. I’ve ordered several sets through them, most recently a custom set of OL Rad Speeds! No complaints here whatsoever!
  7. $2350 this year so far and haven’t played a round since 1/26. New SIM2 Max driver and 16.5 fairway wood that was ordered as soon as preorder was offered. Also a set of OL Cobra Rad Speeds that I’ve yet to play due to just coming off an Achilles injury. Been down four months with the Achilles.Have hit one large bucket at the range with the irons and some wedges in the backyard.
  8. Watching the Champions Tour and Stricker rolling a new Odyssey # 7!
  9. How bout the Apex DCB 4 iron?
  10. Hard to beat PING. Doesn’t have to be the latest series either. Wilson Staff woods come with lighter shafts stock as well.
  11. Bought a new riding Husky mower once, would cut even for nothing. After dealer put a new deck and several odd things, he discovered it had 2 different rear sized tires on it from the factory.
  12. Same here. I had local 9 hole course with TM account preorder the day it was available to do so. Got my SIM 2 MAX driver and SIM 2 MAX 16.5* fairway. Glad I had them do so! Green NV in driver and EvenFlow Riptide in fairway, midsize Lamkin Crosslines.
  13. I second this. They’re great irons!
  14. Hit it better than ever you say. How hard did you look for LH wedges and 4/5 irons. They gotta be out there somewhere. If I was hitting if better than ever, better belt I’d looked long and hard. With today’s custom sets and mixed irons sets, I’d come up with something. The TM DHY can be custom ordered up to 2” short. I’m contemplating one for a 3 iron. Good luck in your search!!
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