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  1. Won’t let go of my m5 Tour. It’s on standby mode in a spare bag in corner of garage where it can be had quickly! Just a great driver “for me”! Waiting patiently on my new Sim 2 Max to arrive to see if it’ll dethrone the 5 or G30 LST. The LST is more automatic but not quite as long as the 5.
  2. Wilson Staff Launch Pads are good one also worthy of mention!
  3. Possibly a new forged OL iron in the near future?? @fullyequippedgf for the photo creds
  4. Possibly a new Tour OL coming?? Credits to @fullyequipedgolf.
  5. Don’t t hit it quiet as long as you, but am a high ball flight guy. I had 2 sets, both with Px5.0 in steel, and loved them. Should’ve never traded the first seat but did. I’ve now got the W/S Launch Pad with Px 5.5 and after only 2 rounds am liking them. I play them all way down to a SW, they’re like cheating as they say. You’ll be amazed, or should be, at how easy to hit they are. Keep us posted.
  6. Those spin as well as any wedge out there. I’ve got a 56/60 in the dark finish. Love ‘em!
  7. Screw in the bottom back for hot melt? Never looked at a 425 that close till now.
  8. Needs be put in the Bag section. You’ll get replies there.
  9. No sir it doesn’t.
  10. After your injuries. I’d think Scenario 3 would be easier on the body, beings Pings practically swing their self. Give it 6 weeks and reevaluate again maybe?
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