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  1. With the Mavs, there’s also a GW at 51, so there’s 9 clubs also. This year the standard Mavs have the stronger of the 2 sets so there’s essentially 9 clubs. Whatever it takes to cover “YOUR”gaps.I do it with old school lofts and a SW only. 9 clubs unless I bag the 2iron. Less is better for me. My son looked at my bag few days ago and asked”do you even own a 60* wedge”. Yes, I own one but, not no, but h- - l no, I don’t carry it!’
  2. Yes please!!! I’d love to see a Speedline AS long as it pays homage to ADAMS.
  3. Spare set of my all time favorite, W/S FG 17s.
  4. Love mine. First set I stumbled upon by a mere accident lol, best $50 in golf I’d spent ever. I’ve also got a 2 iron in a reg flex that’s a great tee weapon. They’re my favorite iron ever!
  5. FG 17s for me, last produced in ‘83.
  6. Getting?? Been that way awhile I’d say.
  7. Got me a spare set of my beloved FG17s! For $59 figured I couldn’t go wrong. These came 4-P, a 3 iron won’t be hard to come by or I’ll just add my ole trusty Fli-Hi. A little cleaning and fresh grips and they’ll be ready! No more iron in the foreseeable future for me!
  8. I play my best with a set of blades regularly that were last made in early ‘80s. Definitely not a horn tooter, but I’ve tried, God only knows how many sets of irons, all sizes and categories, and still revolve back to my blades. Can’t explain it, other than they work, “FOR ME”! Try the pros as I said earlier , if he will allow, and see what happens in the real world! You probably won’t regret it! Best of luck to ya!!
  9. Take the pros out for a round or two and see how they perform in the real world if he will let you. That will better shed some light I think.
  10. Contemplating hard on going SL again. Have tried it three times at short stints but played good golf with SL. Wondering though if COBRA will change the design for the upcoming year? Not really a fan of the current models top line. Lots of great points both good and bad I’ve read, more good though. I believe it just help simplify the swing. Before when I tried them in the past seems as though I really had no thoughts over the ball, just step in and swing away. Same setup, ball position just became a natural tendency, same place pretty much every shot, just simple. I really like the concept. I
  11. How do they feel compared to a Dri-Tac?
  12. Appreciate the photos!! Ping just might get my money come 1st of the year!!
  13. Cobra F Max Airspeed is very lite, and not a very large club head to be called a MAX either. Cobra offers several shafts available as well.
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