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  1. What’s your budget? I’m in at $2100 already this year, and only the wedges have arrived I’m done though, if only I can settle on a bag in itself.
  2. Could be, could not be. Him or RF using previous model drivers is not good publicity, least not in my book, although it does speak that they’re good products. They should be in the new gear by now. Cobra goes above and beyond for BAD according to the articles I’ve read.
  3. I like the fact BAD marches to his own beat, but he’s “turning?” into a rather quickly in my book. Just play golf and quit making excuses would ya! I feel bad for @cobragolf
  4. Just a sale pitch like usual for the new stuff, although it’s one of their nicer looking putters in the new line.
  5. These adapters on the driver still the same as previous years models? I’ve got a few shafts laying round I’ll use if so once they’re refilled.
  6. It’s possibly bent open a tad too as to not promote a closed looking face to him.
  7. MIM Tour One Length? Guess I’ve missed them. Know of the standard MIMs, yes.
  8. D&mmmm, Cobra is rocking! Congrats my man!! Looks great!
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