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  1. Ever look around the range or sneak a peek at bags while at a large, local scramble?? They’re still out in the wild for a reason, they’re indestructible and withstand the test of time. Yes, they’re one club weaker but I couldn’t care less about that. Still a great set with the right shafts!
  2. From @theequipmentjunkie on the gram. It’s surfacing so here ya go…..
  3. 69 mph SS with an 8 iron so the machine was telling me at EW couple days ago. My son looks at me and says, “dad, you need graphite shafts”. Like the feel of graphite and wondering which flex direction I need be looking. 8 iron carry is roughly 145.
  4. Saw them at EW couple days ago but never hit them. Not as large bodied as I’d thought from the pics I’d seen.
  5. I hit the new Apex couple days ago with the Dart shafts and holy cow, they are sweeeeet!
  6. Appreciate the quick response!! Any idea on release date? Thanks!
  7. What about new irons to replace the current Mavrik? Thanks!
  8. That for the whole new line or the front page MAX STAR products that’s outrageously priced ??
  9. boggyman

    Mavrik Irons

    Edwin Watts today and hit the standard Mavs with Elevates in regular. Just felt harsh to me. 2. Mav Max with stock ultralight steel offering, felt soft and liked it but was getting too much sidespin. Could work through that though. 3. Big Bertha with 65 gram stiff graphite- meh, really like tyy he e look at address though. 4. Apex with stock Dart regular- super soft and ball was really jumping off club face. Nice sticks here. 5. W/S D9- stock graphite regular flex offering- ball explodes off the face but a really light feeling club, nice though! 6. Apex DCB- believe it had Dart stock regular graphite too- felt harsh to me. 7. Of all these, the Apex is leading the pack for me so far with the D9 a close 2nd!! I’ll go again after I get back from my 28 day hitch on the Mississippi River. Sorry for the long post.
  10. boggyman

    Mavrik Irons

    Rogue X are still that price.
  11. boggyman

    Mavrik Irons

    One would think the price should be dropping if a replacement is due soon after 1st of year. Or, is $799 for 5-AW still a decent price for these?
  12. Nope, no longer with me! I’m a Ho it’s a great club though! Back to my BB Mini.
  13. boggyman

    Mavrik Irons

    Interested in these and the Rogue X. I’ll keep following. Appreciate the info. I like the fact that Callaway hasn’t resorted to the slots in their GI/SGI irons. I’m loyal to my W/S products but do not like the slots for unexplained reasons.
  14. I didn’t find mine hard at all to elevate off the deck. It was a 13.5 also.
  15. West Loop hard to find. Where’d you find one?
  16. Something must be up. On the website you can’t order custom shafts now on irons. Launch pads will get replaced and a sighting of a D9 forged 4 iron surfaced on here a while back in Steele’s bag. Also a new line of putters was spotted as well, they looked good from the pics.
  17. Are you steep, shallow, take a divot? How’s the grass you play on? Soft,fluffy or thin and tight lies? Answer these and go to Titleist and they’ll help you on the web site pick your grinds.
  18. Anybody heard what will replace this line or when they’ll get a new line to replace the Mavrik?
  19. Never played any other than the 17s. Sorry I can’t provide any more info. The 17s are soft and sweet!
  20. Hands down, mine are my beloved FG17s. Have a spare set as well, plus a 2 iron. Nothing has ever replaced these. No matter what I try, the 17s ALWAYS wind up back in the bag. They’re there to stay.
  21. Hard to find GI/SGI without it these days! I’ve been eyeing a set of 410s of a player in our group but he’s a lefty
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