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  1. I have a 3x10 I got from GolfWorks that’s very similar looking to that and really like it. It was $249 FWIW also. Nice mat though nonetheless, for the price.
  2. Cool... sounds like your slump is not from a lack of golf.Happy Holidays to you and yours, and best of luck to ya!
  3. Looking for recommendations as to what putters have no sight lines or dots. Thanks in advance.
  4. Gotcha. How much you played in those 3 months? I play my irons bent weak coming from an old set of WS blades. Ordered my new set 2 * weak to add a tad bounce too. Putting kills me for whatever reasons. Thanks for responding and good luck in your search.
  5. What’s a 7 HC strike the ball like? Tried the switch several times but always revert back to my ole trusty blades. Just don’t like the ball what I call jumping all over the place when it leaves the face. Much more comfy with a blade. I’m a 7.2 currently and putting holds me back. Down from a 12 at 1st of year though.
  6. 34” BuckTown . Ball really comes off the face smooth and no skidding. Provides a true roll.
  7. You’re welcome. D7 price should be coming down soon too!
  8. FWIW, here’s a photo of the upcoming D9. On looks alone, the d7 wins. It’s not a bad iron at all either in the SGI category. Supposedly fewer power holes in the 9 as well.
  9. And 90 of those 99% probably should. Still be intriguing to see what they'd bring though.
  10. Just a W.A.G. as we say at work when asked for an Estimated Time of Arrival. Not to get anyone’s hopes up, but it would be interesting and exciting for those that play that style of club, ya think? Happy Holidays to ya @erock9174
  11. All hybrid type iron set similar to the Cleveland line possibly Not that the vast majority on here care, but the MAX OS is off the custom list, although the MAX is still there.
  12. Oh the never ending saga. I’ll take my weak lofts any day as to not have to carry a truckload of wedges. In our weekly group, I very seldom hear”, what’s you hit”! My PW is 50* Hit ‘em straight gentlemen.
  13. Yessir, but at that rate it’s ridiculous to me. Why not a bone stick option I’m hoping for.
  14. Whole wedge itself, not just the face, needs to be raw! Come on @taylormadegolf, I know you’re lurking!!
  15. UHX is not offered as a “custom” option now on Cleveland site, stock only, so I’d say there’s a replacement coming.
  16. Being a stand bag guy, been wanting a minimalist bag. They’ve brought this bag back in red or blue so I’ve got a red one waiting on me at home. Be back on dry land Wednesday.
  17. I gained a half to a full club with them. Even had Px 5.5 to boot. Oh well, still have my trusty FG 17s that have, AGAIN, made the bag, this time to stay. I’ve got a spare set of them. I’m set!
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