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  1. I didn't see that it was sold out....are you sure?
  2. what about the south mountain trail pass at Legacy? you get a 14 day booking window at least though I don't know what rates you get on the weekend with the card compared to regular rates. It says up to 50% off but the words "up to" make me cautious.
  3. Helps to square the face early so you don't have to manipulate and square late with your hands which leads to a lot of bad shots....also helps you to shallow the club earlier.
  4. Montgomery doesn't hit it very far either....far less speed.
  5. Lotta comments on here about how because he swung the club at 120+ mph his back was bad....That has nothing or very very little to do with it.....it's how he did that was the issue......Left knee snapping, hips wide open and shoulders very vertical at impact with driver...that's the issue. If he had his shoulders more perpendicular to his spine throughout the swing and didn't snap his knee for so many years I guarantee we aren't having this discussion. Look at his swing now...much more rotation around his spine because it's a ton easier on the back. If you want to pretty much guarantee a bad back do 1 of 2 things.....Restrict your lower body rotation in the backswing or get super open with the hips and vertical with the shoulders at impact.
  6. Several things....1. his old swing as great as it was in a lot of respects....he openly talked about snapping the lead knee at impact to generate more speed....consequently he needed surgery. 2. Goes along with 1 but he was notorious for going on long runs which is bad on the knees and leads to a lot of wear/tear. 3. His swing with Sean Foley was not good for his body as it caused too much strain on his lower back. He restricted his hips a ton and at the speed he generated you are destined for issues. Some players like Day and Koepka can get away with it more but they have been swinging that way from a young age...Tiger didn't restrict things as much as a kid/young adult...Also...Day/Koepka have back issues. Too much gets made about his seal training and workouts imo. The seal training was for a relatively short time. The working out sure could cause some muscular injury but Tiger was not a large person even at his peak size. He looked bigger on TV than in person. If he was 6'1 and 220lbs ok fine you can make the case his frame was too big...but at 180lbs that is not big and is pretty lean.
  7. Agreed though I was going for the more simple approach
  8. Anyone on here who knows me knows I’m a huge Monte fan so I would recommend online or a live FaceTime lesson with him. Dan/Iteach is great as well though but I haven’t worked with him.
  9. I've been in the same boat....The key for me is to just keep the same process of picking out targets and hitting the target. Instead of standing on the tee looking at a wide open fairway and minimal trouble and thinking you can hit it anywhere...Try to aim at a specific point in the fairway and hit that. If you are on a tough course you are forced to narrow your focus....you have to force yourself to narrow it on an easy course. Remember that the shots you have to hit are the same more or less....the difference is that you aren't punished as badly for bad shots.
  10. a certain someone on here should should stick to giving lessons to all his buddies on the range while boisterously stating their knowledge of physics instead of taking something that is actually a simple concept and explained in simple terms by @MonteScheinblum and others and then over complicating it so a 12 handicap can feel like he is smarter than a +whatever who has competed at a high level and is a well respected instructor. Others on here are trying to help the OP. Apparently there is a direct correlation in physics knowledge and head to rectal insertion depth.
  11. Khalespace is right....The driver slices or fades more because of the lower loft and less backspin...the less backspin you have the more the ball can go offline which is why super low spin drives in the sub 1900rpm range are very hard to control. If you want a 10 yard fade with your driver that's fine but then your irons should go pretty straight and just fall to the right instead of visibly curving in the air because I can almost guarantee what you are seeing as a 5-10 yard fade with your irons is more like double that. As for why you are fading there could be a ton of reasons and it's hard to say without seeing your swing. Your arms may not be deep enough in the backswing, you may be spinning your shoulders out in transition, could be just yanking the handle, etc.
  12. Get fit.....Hitting low bullets has its place but consistent distance would be a problem as would control because balls can take weird bounces when running along a fairway and a good looking shot could end up 20 yards in the rough behind trees. You want the most carry you can get with an optimal descent angle at the end. Also....what good is it hitting a ball that carries 260 and runs 60 yards when you have a bunker 280 out that pinches the fairway? I would rather carry it and not have to think twice about the bunker or be able to cut corners off doglegs with a higher flight.
  13. Squatting in the backswing???? Yuck.....now if you are getting at starting the squat near the end of the backswing as you begin the pressure shift..fine. Adding flex to the rear knee though in the backswing is a no no as it will restrict your hip turn and most people actually need more not less. The rear leg is supposed to straighten when you go back.
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