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  1. I think some people are getting a little caught up on time frames and what it means to improve. To me....true improvement is making your bad rounds better, having a potential for lower rounds, and your big misses tighter. It's going from a bad round being 90 to being 88 or 85. It's turning a 40 yard slice into a 20 yard fade. It's having the potential to shoot 65 when your previous best round was 70. I've posted this numerous times but my bad rounds used to be in the mid 80s as a 3 handicap...no matter what it was there. Now after 5 years my cap is a +2 and bad rounds are high
  2. I only work with someone (Monte) 1x per year in the clinic and I spend that whole year working on the new move. Usually at some point I start deviating for a few weeks but always go back to the clinic lesson and try not to worry about much else until the next clinic. Ideally I would sprinkle a lesson in at the 6 or 8 month mark but I don't get a ton of time off. Tons of ebbs and flows along the way though. For instance...shot my personal best 66 this summer after shooting an awful 76 the week prior. Just shot a super easy 68 a couple weeks ago and shot an ugly 74 last Saturday holding on
  3. Jeremy has a few things he likes to see but there is a range for them as is with most good teachers. He doesn't teach 1 particular style like a Hank Haney or something like that. He works with a lot of really good players though. Monte did a interview with him a while back during quarantine that gives some good insight.
  4. I have heard great things about Martin chuck. check out Jeremy Anderson at legacy....He is excellent as well. There is also a monte clinic at the end of February
  5. best thing you can do is not worry about "compression" and fix what's not allowing to get to a proper impact...the "compression" will happen naturally. Trust me...I've been down the road before and it leads nowhere.
  6. shaft lean is a result not something to try and force. you get it from proper sequencing and proper wrist movements in transition.
  7. The facilities at Talking Stick aren't that good in my opinion....the range is nice and so it the putting green but there is not a short game area at all...using the putting green for that is difficult because there are so many people always there and they were not allowing chipping for a while but i'm not sure if that's still the case....plush you only get 2 bags of balls and they aren't very big. I signed up at the Rave a few years ago after cancelling my PDP at TS. Much better...it's the same cost and you get unlimited balls. Their chipping area isn't great but it's workable
  8. Something worth mentioning.....The pressure shift left starts early...earlier than you think for most people...once you feel most pressure shift into your trail heel you should start reversing course. With irons that's around p2ish...with driver it may be closer to p3. As soon as you get there it's time to start feeling the pressure move left. A side benefit is that it may help you shorten your swing a bit as well. I prefer to feel the lead leg flexing to start which helps with re-centering and getting the pressure more even at the top (prob need to get back to this again) and I
  9. After several months of debating I finally ordered a set of the 623M irons from New Level. They were ordered 1/2" long, with Project X 6.5's and at a D5 swingweight. I was debated between the PF1 and these but Eric said the 623M was closer to my current set of Srixon Z Forged just with a touch less offset which is what I wanted so that's what I chose. Just a little background on me.....I am a +2 and have played mainly blades or something very close for a while as I can't stand anything clunky looking in the least. My most consistent strengths are my iron play and short-game. I never reall
  10. I know right! My guess is overwatering maybe in previous weeks and awful drainage but idk otherwise.
  11. Played Golf Club of Estrella on NYE...aside from freezing my arse off....grass was in great shape tee to green with greens rolling pretty quick....some fairways a little wet but nothing that bad. Bunkers were pretty bad though...many had pooled water or mud in the middle.
  12. Anyone played Golf Club of Estrella recently? Playing there on Thursday and curious as I have never played it in prime season...I normally only play in summer.
  13. played Aguila on Saturday and hit the jackpot...went out at 7:52 and got to play as a single walking. Just a perfect morning. Played in about 2:45 hitting 2 or 3 shots a hole for a majority of the back since I had time to kill. Course was in great shape though...greens rolling quick, fairways in good shape and bunkers as well. I'm definitely liking the look of the newly edged tee boxes.
  14. Could be that you are not staying in left tilt long enough....If you right tilt too much or too early it's easy to shank or hit the top of the ball as you try to avoid chunking it. Try taking the club to the top and pause...isolate the first cast to 8 o'clock and then swing down from there by feeling the lead should working down and around to the left. It's very easy to try and feel the shallow by dropping the right shoulder but that is not what you want at all. Right shoulder stays high and wrists only move club toward 8 which will feel very behind you.
  15. For those having a hard time isolating the wrist movement...the pause at the top...move the wrists in position...and then swing drill helps a lot. Also, I have found that the 8 o'clock cast feels very much behind you and even more so when you try doing it in a normal swing. However, casting properly makes it easier to stay in left tilt a touch longer as there really isn't another way to make good contact. If you are right tilting early, make sure you aren't casting more towards 6 instead of 8. I said this on the other topic but I like placing an alignment stick behind my trail foot and angl
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