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  1. Several things come to mind: 1. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and have a few bites of food. I normally like a protein bar and maybe a small bag of nuts. Dehydration and lack of food can mess with your mental process more than you think. I would drink/eat more if walking. 2. Instead of trying to get in at -1 try to set your goal for -2 or -3. 3. Play to your spots...one shot at a time. On the tee focus on where you want your ball to go and have that spot in your minds eye standing over the ball. Don't worry about swing or anything else, just focus o
  2. i'm guessing without video but I'm assuming you are either firing your hips too much to start the downswing or your rear shoulder is dropping too much from a past/current effort to either hit up on driver or learn to hit a draw.....I've been a victim of both. If it's the hips, try starting down with your arms. It will feel like your lower body is reacting to the arms and lagging behind them at first but it won't look like it on video. If it's the shoulder....try staying in left bend/tilt longer so feeling like your left shoulder stays pointing at the ground in the downswing or if you feel a
  3. best way to change your AOA with driver is to work on improving your swing with your irons....eventually the driver will follow.....When I'm working on a swing change I never hit driver except 5 or 6 times before a round. Usually driver struggles for a few months but then gets much better later in both contact and ballflight.
  4. The absolute best tip I have had which has lead to my improvement over the last few years is from Monte which is basically it takes the best players in the world a year or longer to make a swing change so what in the world are we doing giving up after a bad range session or a couple months. The other one which goes along with that is to focus on your physical movements on the range regardless of how you hit it and the ball flight on the course...not the other way around. Has helped me go from a bad 5 or 6 cap to +2.5 in the last 3 years.
  5. I find it best to forward press as part of the setup not as part of the putting motion. When you make it part of the motion it's easier for it to cause face alignment issues. When it's part of the setup you can make sure the face is square before you take it back. Also, I think a lot of people overdo the amount of forward press which can cause shoulder alignment issues leading to path problems and speed control problems.
  6. Most people have a speed limit on how fast they swing. The limit could be due to physical reasons such as light grip pressure, inefficiency, poor face control etc. or it could be because you haven't yet created the neuropathway to swing faster. Most people have both and I would venture to say that the latter is at least partially the result of the first. Fix your swing and get more efficient first. Not only will your cap drop you will naturally hit it farther with a more efficient motion. Once you get there, start working on training yourself to swing faster. It's the same thing in the
  7. Just saw this....sorry Monte..prayers to you and your family.
  8. The further away the less time it will spend on the ground...it's pretty much just judgement. I almost always try to land it a few yards short though. Now if it's a full swing or very close, then I try to hit the number. The more you practice the more you will get a feel for it. I'm not a fan of the clock method though as I think that's too technical.
  9. Pilgrims Run for sure....best course in the area without a doubt.
  10. I ended up switching to the Pf1 and PF2 combos and love them....launch is a nice medium low and low spin but I can easily hit them high when I have to. Great clubs from a great company. Eric was super helpful in the exchange as well.
  11. I like it for the quirks.....Idk why....I think it's because so many of the greens are ridiculous I find it fun trying to play the ball off of the slopes. It's normally in decent shape though, sometimes really good, and there are a few really good holes. Plus it's a good one to play if you are working on something in your swing and you want to test it out on a course that offers some penalties for missed shot.
  12. I do not advocate slowing your swing down with driver to hit the fairway....fix the swing flaw that's causing your misses and then you can swing away with driver. Slowing the club down will lead to steering and worse shots. Until you make your swing better, use a shorter club that will help you hit the fairway. If that doesn't work then try to find a consistent shot you can play with driver....For me, if it's going poorly I'll play my driver off my front pinky toe and hit high 40 yard fades/slices until i'm done...it's not as good as normal but it's a shot I can play for on every hole and kno
  13. I would say it's because you are coming into impact too steep with an open face and early extending in an effort to shallow and shut the face. You look like you have a pretty neutral grip yet your lead wrist is extending quite a bit at the top. I would work on getting the lead wrist flatter which will get the club less across the line at the top and hopefully on a shallower path. I could be wrong though.
  14. Eagle mountain is way more scenic than Camelback but golf wise it's Ambiente no doubt. McDowell Mtn may be another option worth considering...has some views and I think the layout is pretty good.
  15. I try to land on the number so if it's 50 to the flag i try to land on the flag....reason is that on the course if i have a 53 yard shot, i'm trying to land it 50 yards...or on a 50 yard shot 47ish yards so i'm always trying to hit a specific number. Aim small miss small.
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