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  1. face is probably open at the end of the backswing and a shorter swing isn't giving you time to square it up at the bottom. Hard to say for sure without seeing swing but this is an educated guess. Turning more through the shot will leave the face more open FYI. If you aren't "getting through" the shot it's probably from your body stalling to give you time to try and flip the face closed.
  2. if the ball is against a collar of rough or you have nothing but fairway between you and the green and the ground is super wet/mushy. I personally prefer putting when possible but some people prefer hybrid. Go try it out and see what you are comfortable with...I've seen people use it from the rough and be pretty good.
  3. Honestly....sit on the range and spend a while each time you are there using your wedge. If your sand wedge is 100 yards...learn to hit it 50, 60, 70, 80, etc. and get to the point where you can hit each yardage give or take a couple yards a majority of the shots...say 7 out of 10...then do the same with your 60 or 58. When you are confident in that this shot becomes easier. Going there and hitting a tough shot over and over on the course can lead you to steering it, yips, etc. There is a reason guys on tour practice shots on the range and practice rounds before doing them in tournaments.
  4. My initial point of using the bounce stands....it's simply easier no matter the handicap. Watch the TM video with Rory, Day and Tiger talking about pitching......Look at Steve Stricker.....when did TW get the shortgame yips? When he went to foley and he swing/shortgame got really steep and was using the leading edge. My initial point was also to stop overthinking....all you really need is to know about how far your ball runs out. The only time you really need to worry about where you are going to leave the ball is when you have a significant slope and at that point it becomes
  5. The best is using the toe to pop it out of the rough....that one always gets people going lol.
  6. uh huh....so....you are fine with making a tough game even tougher.....pretty confident there is a reason the average bounce on tour is at least 12-13*. I hope you are using a 260cc driver then....modern drivers totally take creativity out of the game since they go so straight. Bounce on a wedge adds forgiveness. You said it doesn't make it easier yet you say above that you don't need bounce because you don't need it to be easy.....are you in politics?
  7. I'd love to hear your explanation as to how using bounce doesn't make it easier.
  8. Your buddy is smart....Took me years to learn to putt from off the green instead of trying to hit some stupid low checking shot.
  9. Using the bounce is easier....and gives you a larger margin for error...that's not conjecture that's fact. chip and pitch however you wish..i'm just saying that it's easier to use one method. I must really suck though...I live in an apartment, I haven't played with any pga tour players and I'm only a +3 with a scrambling avg of 59.8% and rarely practice my short game.
  10. I literally stopped aiming at the flag for all shots a few months ago and have starting shooting under par pretty consistently as a result. If the flag is left I aim 30ft-40ft right and allow for my normal draw. If pin is right, aim 20 feet left let the draw take it out to 30ft. If i happen to draw it more on the left pin it's tight...if it doesn't draw on the right pin I have 10-20 ft. The only thing I get aggressive with is 120 and in. I think you need to use misses to plan your decision. I'd much rather plan to miss it on the left edge of the green instead of off the right side of the
  11. For 98% of golfers I assure you that they are not practiced and I'm sorry but an hour or 2 per week is not enough to become genuinely good at them......I don't want you to take this the wrong way but I guarantee you that tour players practice waaaay more than you on these shots and even they will take the easiest shot in most cases. I used to practice all the shots too....when I was a 10.....then I realized what's the point in practicing a low spinning checker that is never needed? Tour players are playing on firm greens rolling at a 12-13...how many people routinely play under tour conditio
  12. I honestly don't get the talk about hitting different shots around the green. What is easier....having 1 shot/motion that you can change trajectory with by simply switching clubs or having 6 shots for 1 club that you haven't practiced much aside from an hour of chipping once per month? Golf is hard enough already...why make it harder by trying to decide if you should hit it high/med/low, how much spin on the shot, should it be hook or cut spin, blah blah blah?
  13. That or EE....either way...the issue is gonna be there with the short irons/driver/etc.....but it's hard to get away with swing faults on long irons and 3 woods off the deck.
  14. What's your typical ballflight and typical miss? is it a hook or block?
  15. Short game doesn't need to be any more complicated than see ball hit ball. You just have to decide if you are better at trying to land the ball on a spot or just looking at the flag and letting your subconscious figure out where to land it. I tend to do both depending on how I'm feeling that day. Unless there is some crazy slope, don't worry about flat spots and leaving uphill putts, etc. Just try to get the ball as close as you can and that will sort itself out. If the pin on is on a downslope or sidehill lie...the ball will pretty much find level and leave you an uphill put on its own.
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