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  1. I have an Adams Speedline 9.5*, graffaloy prolaunch axis blue stiff flex. Let me know if you are interested, pm me. thanks!
  2. kameyer3386


    I have the Speedline w/ stock shaft. It is definitely very long. 46" shaft can be a little hard to control. I tend to play a fade/slice and sometimes the Speedline exacerbates it...but when you connect, its very long..worth picking up for the price
  3. rac combo, hogan pc, rescue 09, pro gold, betti, taylormade cart bagHey guys, I'm moving in a few weeks so need to unload some goodies..I will definitely consider trades..could always use a nice putter/driver/forgiving iron set....everything is OBO, please don't hesitate to PM me..I have a flight and can't respond until late evening..Also, these will ship out on Tuesday when I get back in town.. 1) Taylormade RAC TP Combo set, 3-PW, DG S300 shafts 3-6 are RAC Forged CB TP, 7-9 are RAC MB, and the PW is RAC 48* As you can see in the pics, they are in awesome shape except for the 9 ir
  4. I noticed that too...I guess it was touching the fringe but on green? Too bad for A.G. He probably would get on my nerves, but he certainly was classy and has the right attitude for success. Go Kevin! He has a case of the rights like me:)
  5. For what it's worth, there is still a lot more improvement to be had with your current irons. I was probably around a 12 or so when I switched to Callaway X forged, and my iron game did not improve. They were just too much club for me and I ended up being frustrated nearly every time I played. I switched to Titleist AP1 and couldn't be happier. My handicap immediately dropped from 11 to 7 and I've had a lot more fun playing golf. So don't switch irons because you think your current irons, or other GI irons, will hold your game back..But if you do switch, new AP1s look pretty sweet..
  6. Yea, I'm not crazy about mine either. The head is too clunky for my eye, and i tend to hit it fat and lose distance. It is slowly but surely becoming more reliable though, so maybe give it some range time and see what happens.
  7. I was at tour championship on Sunday, and can confirm that Kevin Na is a complete headcase.. Before the round, he was telling stories and hitting trick shots on the range..so I told my friend that he seemed like a sweet dude.. On the course though, he was immediately pissed off... He was +2 through 6 or so...and he hit an approach from 190 or so into the front bunker.. I swear he walked straight from the fairway, full speed into the bunker, and hit..without even stopping..it was hilariouss..
  8. kameyer3386


    I've had a set with DG S300 High launch for a few months now...love them Very forgiving and straight for me. Ball flight is not too high either despite the HL shafts. Go for it.
  9. Taylormade R5 Dual: $45 (Craigslist) Adams Speedline 3W: $35 (WRX, what a steal for a like new club!) Adams Pro Gold Hybrid 18*: $65 (WRX last week) Titleist AP1: $380 (WRX) Vokey SM 54 and 60: $30 each (Craigslist) Ben Hogan Bettinardi BHB1X: $60 (WRX) Taylormade Ultimate Cart Bag: $20 (Craigslist, awesome deal!) Total: $665 Bought some x forged irons off wrx for 250 in April, traded them on craigslist for X20 tours+60$, sold X20 tours on craigslist for $300, then bought AP1s..so at the end of the day I got the AP1s for $270. Gotta love WRX and craigslist!
  10. My Aldila NV 65 stiff (on R5 dual) has (temporarily?) removed my slice and is low launching for me (maybe I just cant hit it!).. Wow that was unhelpful
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