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  1. Perhaps the golden era for golf equipment? So many great clubs out (across all types of clubs) that getting fitted is truly the best course of action! It's nice to see so many different club makers in competition.
  2. Found an old r7tp 5 wood in my attic last week in great shape and made me smile as it’s such a legendary shape. Beautiful club you have, glws!
  3. Hi everyone, little mixture of everything today. Buying a house, wife is finding my stashes around the house. I don't sell here often, but have purchased frequently so please don't hesitate to communicate with me on any of the clubs or apparel on pricing, photos, etc. Open to trade bait listed below. Would prefer to sell most of these, but wife would understand if I traded for something cool. All items shipped CONUS only, PayPal for payment. +$5 west of Mississippi, shipping from Virginia. Thanks for looking! Scotty Cameron T22 Newport 2, 34": I'm the 2nd owner, played 2 rounds with it. This was one of my bucket-list putters, unfortunately without modifications it's not going to make it in the bag and I'd prefer not to modify it. Shaft label is a little loose (as I received it), grip is 1 round old super stroke tour 2.0. Headcover in great shape. $800 SOLD! Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless, 35": Re-conditioned by "The Putter Depot", note the face wasn't re-milled, which I didn't care about. Cubs themed paintfill (Go Cubs!). Gamed but not abused post re-conditioning, super stroke tour 2.0 grip has a couple of rounds on it. Comes with SC headcover which is in poor but usable condition. Hate to see it go, but it's a garage queen atm. $270 $250 Taylormade Kia Ma Daytona, 34": One of my first premium putters, sadly it's taking up room and it doesn't see the course. Some light rust spots (i think?), but still in beautiful shape for its age. Grip is serviceable but not pristine. Headcover was found in a box, in terrible shape. will send that and generic headcover for shipping. $100 SOLD! Bridgestone J15 50, 54, 60 wedge set: Playing over standard (between 36-36.5), and in used but good condition. 50* hit less than 50 times, 54, 60 for a season and a half. DG Spinner shafts stiff flex, 50* is S+; grips lamkin midsize, 54/60 could use replacing. Would prefer to sell as a set to keep shipping costs down. $135 for set; $50/wedge if individually purchased. pending Speeder Evo II 757 shaft stiff flex, Mizuno tip: Played at 45" in JPX 900, ST180, ST190 drivers. At some point was 'pured', as it has shaft band but wasn't by me. Grip could use replacement. Couple of small nicks on shaft, nothing egregious. $60obo SOLD! Under Armor Jordan Spieth 3, blue colorway, size 11.5: Wore these around the house, ended up being slightly too big. Never saw the grass. Stupid comfortable. No box unfortunately, wife purges boxes quicker than I can hide them. $90obo SOLD! FootJoy Crew-neck Sweater, New with Tags: Purchased on a whim for $80, doesn't fit me well enough to keep. $40 $35 Trade bait: 35" long-neck putters (slight toe hang) 35" Odyssey 2 ball Ten putter (triple track or single line) Other slight-arc putters like PLD Tyne 4 Sim 8-9 driver head Irons sets +1/4" or +1/2" in s300 or 6.0 (37.25, 37.50" off of 7-iron) Open to trade+cash combos both ways
  4. I genuinely enjoy the tinkering, scheming, interactions through BST. It's as fun to me as actually playing. Of course I'd like to play better, but I can spend my time tinkering on it as well. Love though whole package that is golf.
  5. His iron play is frustrating to watch. Not sure what the fix is, but between that and his putting, nobody is having fun.
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