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  1. This could be fun. I've seen some guys going hickory, minimal, etc, etc. So many rabbit holes to go down in this game. Good Luck!
  2. Nice deal! 17.50 for a sweet leather H/C
  3. NO TRADES PLEASE! :-) Brand new - unhit- in plastic - no damage - etc...... TaylorMade M4 9.5 with Headcover and tool. It comes with nothing else. No shaft, cog, grip, free beer or lessons.... Please buy it before I'm tempted to just hit it and keep it. Looking forSOLD shipped. Thanks!
  4. 1978 I think...Maybe '79. I rebuilt a set and they are honestly SWEET to hit. And who doesn't love the cameo of Mr Hogan on the back????
  5. I saw these in full Ping logo glory not too long ago. Like some humans, they look better in person than in pics!
  6. Just buy a grass whip. Some say it's the best training tool.
  7. Re-Shaft Irons $ 14.00 Re-Shaft Woods $ 16.00 *Add for Bore-Thru Installation $ 5.00 * Add for Broken Shaft at Hosel $ 3.00 * Slits Cut Into Shaft Tip (some Callaway bore-throughs) $ 5.00 Lengthen Club - Steel or Graphite (requires regripping) $ 6.00 Shorten Club - Steel or Graphite (requires regripping) $ 4.00 GRIP WORK / RE-GRIPPING Regripping - Use Customer’s Grip $ 2.50 Regripping - Use Our Grips $ 2.50 plus cost of grip Save Original Grip (if possible) $ 5.00 LOFT / LIE ADJUSTMENTS** Check / Adjust Loft and Lie ( irons, individual) $ 5.00 SPECIALTY ITEMS, per club Add Swingweight iron/wood (down shaft while re-gripping or new install) $ 5.00/7.00 Spine Alignment / NBP (graphite shaft logos may not line up after process) $ 6.00 Frequency Match $ 8.00 (using digital flex meter to match a set's shaft flex)
  8. Lots of flakes but finally got some snow!!! Club is sold!!!! Thanks!
  9. Offers are flying in.....Full price buyer gets the G400 hat to match!
  10. Brand new Ping G400 9* with Hzrdus Yellow 6.0 (Stiff) from Ping's updrade options. 45.00 upgrade... Comes with headcover and wrench of course. Still wrapped in plastic. Flawless, brand new club. All standard specs per www.ping.com Asking SOLD OBO shipped CONUS only. NO TRADES PLEASE!!!!!
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