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  1. my dad is the only person that I know who does it. He only does it on tee shots though... KinG
  2. I really don't find the need to carry two more clubs. The only real gap I have is between my 10* driver and my 19* degree hybrid. I have really never been able to hit a FW with any consistancy, and figured I can always dial back my driver if I need to. I guess I would rather have 12 clubs in my bag I am confident with, than 14 that I am unsure about. You should never be hitting driver off the deck. :drinks: I think he means from the tee. DeV
  3. Wow...Those look spectacular. :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :D :D KinG
  4. Yea, same here at the Jersey Shore. NO SCHOOL!!! =] Most of the snow came yesterday when i was at school, but we had a lot of freezing rain and sleet last night. KinG
  5. Seaview Marriott Resort Galloway Township, NJ KinG
  6. I think the "LS" means "long" in terms of length and "standard" in terms of lie. The other one with just the "S" is saying that both the Lie and Length are standard. KinG
  7. I do all my own club work on all of my clubs (putters included), but I didn't even think about messing with my Anser when it needed a reshaft. Took it straight to a professional, paid my dues, and left a happy camper. IMHO, a job like this is best left for the people who know exactally what they're doing. KinG
  8. Nice Bag! Love the Bridgestone driver!!! It's an absolute cannon. KinG
  9. My 420 cc J33R is 1* open. KinG
  10. I had the TM Rescue Dual TP all last season. It was decent, but the ball flight was just way too high for me. I wasn't gaining any distance over the iron it replaced and to be honest I hit the iron better. Overall the club wasn't bad....just wasn't for me. I traded it in for a Nickent 3DX Ironwood DC w/ a V2 in it and it is worlds better. Feel is better, Ball flight is lower, and I get much more distance out of it. Hope this helps. KinG
  11. Look at the degree numbers. FAKEEEEEE!! KinG
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