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  1. I have a 14 way stand bag. Normally move my hybrid to the bottom and putter up next to my driver and 3 wood.
  2. I like the Club Glove Caddy Towel. Cleans well and has a slit in the middle to hang from any club.
  3. Even though I took ten F9 driver out of the bag, my F9 3 wood is going nowhere. Used it today second shot par 5 245 out ended up 25 feet for eagle. That club flies good, feels good, and lands soft.
  4. Hit the M6 on course today. Hit almost every fairway. Couple missed low on face and went straight. Little shorter then normal but dead straight. Can’t wait to get out again.
  5. > @Krt22 said: > I think my F9 honey moon may be coming to an end too. The perfectly centered shots and even low center shots are fantastic, but over all consistency might be edged out by my M6. My miss is typically low on the face which is why I loved the F9, but slowly moving impact up the face and on high strikes the M6 produces low spin moon balls that seem to go forever, the cobra just feels funny anything above the center line and not in a good way. Still need to get some conclusive LM data > I second that. My M6 didn’t edge out the F9 but clearly took over. Specially on
  6. > @jbole267 said: > > @gioguy21 said: > > i think my F9 experiment run has come to an end. after playing with it on course the honeymoon stage is over and the REAL observations are starting to be more apparent. > > 1) it doesn't like to draw unless i put it in -1.5* loft; and when i do, obviously this comes out at a much lower launch window than i would prefer. > > 2) i have had some very odd shots come off the club after hitting it in the center (or very very very close to) - on good swings. > > 3) i've had some very bad shots that come off the club on
  7. I really like my F9 fairway. Feels great and good distance. Think the rails help me from hitting shots fat. Can hit it high so lands soft. F9 driver in the other hand needs to go. Already have a replacement.
  8. At first it wasn’t very good. I hated the new system. But like everything else it takes a while to work the bugs out. Now after being on for a couple weeks and learning some of the new ways it’s better. The brains behind the scene are doing good and going in the right direction. There was also a section where you could comment on your problems if you have some.
  9. After multiple range sessions and few times on course the F9 driver will be leaving my bag. Just couldn’t get it dialed in. It looks good, feels good, just doesn’t work. I’ve tried a couple different shafts but same results.
  10. Use car wax on the putter. Maybe that will help.
  11. > @n_rones said: > > > I cant stop buying random golf things. > How does that work in your pocket? Is it a little bulky? Hard to tell size with pictures.
  12. Hit my F9 at a winter range last week. Driver feels good and sounds good. Bad thing I can’t tell true distance. Still a lot of snow in field. Range balls, no roll doesn’t help either. I won’t know until couple balls off the first tee if it’s staying in the bag or not.
  13. > @searanchgolfer said: > Mizuno K1 LO Stand Bag > > Only weighs 2.7 pounds which is basically the same weight of a Sunday bag (Ping Moonlight) but much more practical for everyday use. I’ve been looking at the K1-LO also. It’s light and has enough room for my needs. I walk a lot so want a light bag. James Robinson has been using one in his golf videos on YouTube for a while. He is not real gentle with it. Slams the bag into the ground every time he puts it down. Maybe he could do a review of it.
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