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  1. I have the SG5 and with that came access to the mobile app. I haven't carried the SG5 in a couple of years now, much prefer the app. When my subscription for the SG5 runs out, I will definitely renew for just the app.
  2. I ordered custom Blueprints on 4/23 and received shipping confirmation today from Discount Dans.
  3. Appreciate the feedback everyone. I've made more costly mistakes, no big deal on this one.
  4. I did use a small torch unfortunately. This was only the 2nd time I've removed an adapter, I think I did get a little too much heat, but the killer now that I think more about it was I twisted the tip.
  5. A picture I doubt will show anything. I can grab the tip and when I apply slight pressure, I can see the fibers flex and I only need to cut 1" off to remove the weakened area. I was going to cut 3/4" off the butt end to get it to my normal playing length, so now no need to do that. Having said all that, you guys still think the shaft is toast? Thanks
  6. I was trying to remove a Cobra adapter and apparently applied too much heat and frayed the tip of an Atmos TS Black about 1" up from the tip. Correct me if I'm wrong, but cutting that much off will increase the flex among other things? Once I 'm able to use it again, if I find out it plays too stiff for me, is the only option I have to weaken the shaft applying weight to the driver head? Thanks
  7. I ordered blueprints with KBS graphite shafts back on 4/23 from Discount Dans and as of today, I don't have any information about shipping. They said as soon as they receive conformation from Ping, they would update me so I'm patiently waiting.
  8. Thanks OP. I ordered a 52 and 60, the 52 showed up this morning and the 60 is due tomorrow.
  9. Golf doesn't pay the bills, I have way more things in life to frustrate me than to let the things that I enjoy do it.
  10. Picked up last years model and absolutely love them, can't wait to give these a try.
  11. I need to extend a Hzrdus Yellow shaft I have 1/2" and I have no idea what O.D. I need. Anyone know? Thanks
  12. After playing a becu pal 2 for nearly 20 years, I strayed to Bettinardi for a few years. I still have 8 or so of them and while they are great putters, I realized I just couldn't adjust to the weight and went back to the lighter pal 2. Needless to say, I don't see changing back anytime soon.
  13. Augusta National made an offer to Augusta CC a few years ago to buy a small piece of property just behind the 13th tee to lengthen it, but I guess an agreement wasn't reached.
  14. Using a Motocaddy currently, I've had a clubrunner and kangaroo in the past. The motocaddy is easier to transport and has a lithium battery where as both the others used a deep cycle battery which was considerably heavier. The motocaddy also freewheels as is, no need to make any adjustments if the battery were to fail.
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