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  1. Wow... please tell me this is a bad camera angle or something. Great looking sole and top line to me, and then the offset...
  2. Does anyone know the release date? Or when they would even go on pre order?
  3. hey guys, want to buy a set of irons, stiff or X flex, 4-p or 3-p. in the 760/770/790, Ap2/AP3, apex/apex pro. M5/M6 categories. pretty open to everything as long as its <500. shipping to Canada.
  4. True, okay thanks man! Going to order mine today, really liked it in the 23* and 95X DI, going to order the 18 though, think it will be a great 250 club.
  5. You sure you can get mavrik pro in the 18 in lefty? Called callaway and they even seem not to know for certain
  6. hit a 23* today with a ad di 95x hybrid and it was awesome. didn't have the 20 to try or else I would have preferred that. But, it felt awesome, normally a 2 iron guy but this thing is actually anti hook and felt great. Does anyone know if the 18* is available lefty? I know on the site it says RH only, but when you go to custom order one with a different shaft it gives you the option to get a 2H (18*)? Any idea? Maybe can only get the 18 degree Lefty if you custom order it?
  7. hey guys 4-p or 5-p. stiff or X. let me know what you have! Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, so the ad di has been a very popular shaft over the past decade. For those of you who have tried it, what would you say is a similar offering? Atmos Blue TS comes to mind as well as the AD TP. Would TZ6 from Accra be in this mid-high launch low spin category? thanks!
  9. Too light a SW for me throws off my tempo. But definitely for myself I’d see more of a pull bias as the club is moving too quickly as I can’t feel the head.
  10. 1.) Callaway mavrik SZ 9* head only do not have original mavrik cover but does come with leather callaway cover. $350 2.) Titleist TS3 head only 9.5 with TS Cover $250 PM for more photos, both heads are mint.
  11. 6 iron 95 mph and play the mav pro with SF 110x hard stepped once. and love them. Ball speed/club speed was much higher with mav pro vs apex. and smash factor was higher as well, but consistently high so no jumpers or anything like that. really enjoying them so far, they go REALLY straight... like you have to change where your aiming straight lol
  12. Wow thanks for the info. these shafts were Aerotech steelfiber 110x cw’s.
  13. hey guys, so I recently ordered an iron set wanting them hard stepped 1x. I called in and ordered them and on their spec sheet it said hardstep 1/2". there was an option to even go 1". I chose the 1/2" as I assumed thats the same as hard stepping 1 time? I ordered the irons 4-p and love them but looking to put the same shaft in a driving iron I already own. Would I buy a 4 iron shaft and install it in the 3 iron (driving iron)? Or would I buy a 3 iron shaft and tip it 1/2" like the callaway spec sheet? Thanks for your help!!
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