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  1. Let me know whatcha have, ideally with adapter
  2. Ideally heads only 4-P. Would consider a combo with 770. Bonus if they have modus shafts
  3. Hey guys, just a quick question, as it could just be me, or maybe there is a direct correlation but, in my own personal findings I have found that as I use a standard length driver (45.5”) they feel very long in length to me, therefore struggle more finding the middle of the face, and oddly enough I’ve found it’s much easier to hook? I haven’t actually tested it on Trackman vs a 44.5” to see if my club path has changed. Has anyone else found the same? Is there a correlation between the longer shaft length, the more the path moves inside-out?
  4. thanks. Will definitely look at one to test.
  5. I feel like this would be the easiest way for most people to understand where the stiffness is in each shaft. Really like the 1-5 rating. would this put the AD DI around 2-2-4? and if you tipped it say 0.5”-1” wouldn’t it get it to 2-2-5, which would be pretty close to that modus 120x profile you mentioned at 2-3-5? With that being said. Wouldn’t ad di be closer to the modus then gp? Only because it’s much softer in the butt, little softer in the mid and tip as well?
  6. thanks for the info! As per the EI chart, is the TP the most in line with that modus 120x? Really love my irons right now and play those shafts. But currently have the AD GP 6X in the driver and 7x in the woods and not getting along with the driver. Probably because I like that soft butt feel vs the Gp is on the firmer side. Will likely put the Ventus blue back in. from what I’ve gathered from this post the Ventus blue is the closest in profile.
  7. Based on the EI chart data would the Blue 6X be the most similar in profile to modus 120x? Or would it more likely be a diamana BF, or even GD ad di?
  8. just got my 21' Callaway UT with ventus and love it!
  9. Looks like they are back up on the website and able to customize. doesn't look like a replacement is coming after all
  10. Any idea if any of the triples will come lefty this year?
  11. I have a TC epic flash triple diamond and I really like it. Also have a TC 8.5 mavrik triple diamond but don’t like it as much. Only epic speed triple I’ve ever seen made is akshays.
  12. correct me if I am wrong but I was told Callaway isn’t offering the Triple diamond to lefties this year? A real bummer in my opinion.
  13. Thanks for the help guys! A lot of people have talked about how it’s a unique profile, soft butt- stiff tip section. When I look at a standard blue board that’s what I see as well. Does that stay true with Ventus blue / atmos blue? I also look at a shaft like AD DI and see a similar profile.
  14. Hey guys, recently fit for the modus 120x in the irons, put the 125 wedge shafts into the wedges. But interested to hear what you guys who play the Modus line up play in the woods? I currently play the Ventus Blue 6x in the driver and 7x in the fairway as I think the profile is pretty similar. Have you tried the GOST shafts in the driving iron? debating thet vs a Ventus blue 9x. thanks
  15. Would anyone know a similar graphite El profile to the modus 120X? Would Ventus blue, Ad bb/xc be the most similar?
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