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  1. I need to find a vintage dealer near me. I love that Seiko on the left. I've been looking for a case like that for a white now. I really dig the Hodinkee Tag Heuer Autavia orange case a lot. Very similar to that Sieko.
  2. 2putttom said: Jim Furyk coming from behind Excuse me?
  3. To be fair, the Daytona by itself is a very expensive watch. A vintage one is incredibly expensive, a Paul Newman vintage model even more expensive (were talking hundreds of thousands.) Now Paul Newman's actual cosmograph, at $17m, that's believable. The intricacy that goes into producing these swiss watches even now is incredible, but back then by hand is even more incredible. A stainless steel hunk of metal owned by Tiger with no intricate moving parts...$6m-$12m is more believable.
  4. Webb just looking for better angles here.
  5. Would love to see a pic of a Grand Seiko if you get one. King Seiko is in the mail (no date hand wind 45 Cal) but I did just get this yesterday. Practically in unworn condition and freshly serviced. Jaw, meet floor. Wow.
  6. You know of all the idiotic things you said here, I think the icing on the cake is the "good tourney" comment...
  7. My man tigre could give less of a f about this tournament now...he looks defeated.
  8. I believe tournament rules state they must use the drop zone. Or retee, correct? But wouldn’t a local rule like be superseding the actual rule? This will be interesting to know n u can only drop zone or re tee on 17. One would think a re-tee would be the better choice in most circumstances...you already tried it, know the correction needed instead of drop zone and having to calculate a new shot. Worked from Freddie '99. Although he admitted he wasn't really trying on the second one ;) Did this last year in our state am after dunking one off the tee, promptly grabbed another ba
  9. Alright, backnine 29. I FEEL IT COMING
  10. Typically, they will start you out with a Directed Force putter to check for length and lie. From there a big emphasis is put on what style of putter (neck and blade vs mallet) you aim the best. From there you select those types of putters and begin rolling putts to look at the ball data, change lofts if needed, and pick 2-3 you like the best. If weather allows you then go out on the putting green and put the putters through a "real world" test for lag/feel and short range makes. It is a good process and can teach you a lot about your individual putting tendencies. A major revelati
  11. I believe tournament rules state they must use the drop zone.
  12. Would anyone want to get a Golfwrx bracket challenge going? I remember we did one last year.
  13. Shoot, I missed that. Rewind to right after Patrick Reed hits, he was scrambling towards his ball in the background. Wearing orange.
  14. Also shout out to that kid that just ATE it running down the hill. Just like Tigers round. Art imitates life.
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