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  1. I'd suggest that you put one in your hands before writing them off. Too many WRX people get hung up on the specs without even hitting a ball. They've really refined the sole and kept the toe and heel relief that works magic, and I'm quite shallow (-3 to -4 down with 6i) from 9 in-out. I couldn't agree with the aggressive sole and offset of the 765 and Cleveland wedges from that year, but they're much more subtle now.
  2. I'm currently doing Option #3 with the ZX7 4i & 5i to add forgiveness and better turf interaction for the summer when it dries out down here. The new P770 were too low spin and didn't feel anywhere near as good as the ZX7. They're going to be very popular this year! The HMB 4i launched very high compared to my MB 5i, so I changed to Modus 125 from 130 to knock a few degrees off. The spin threshold has always been governed by the ball I choose, but most people I see who say they get loss of distance from too much spin actually don't have enough. Whether that be through mechanics or i
  3. I've had Apex MB 2018 and MP20 SEL fighting it out for the last year and I think the Mizuno have won. If I needed more help than HMB in 4i (say a 5i & 6i also) I'd most likely go Srixon Z785 or 620 CB. I don't need to stick to same brands for a combo as long as they work.
  4. SIM driver - longer and more workable due to less spin and more ballspeed (G400 is in travel bag) ST190 -> M5 3w (SIM Ti or PXG Gen 2 soon) - couldn't get the G400 fwy's to compete PXG hybrid - loved the 19* G400 hybrid but needed less distance. 22* G400 wasn't neutral weighting so found my first PXG and it's surprisingly good. (G400 is in travel bag) If you need forgiveness as a priority, I would look at Ping's 410 fwy/hybrid and 425 Driver. They keep making such great clubs!
  5. My 22* PXG hybrid replaces the 2/3 iron spot, but I still play a 4i HMB (22*) so not a true blade/player's club. I hit more greens and have less flyer issues in the rough with the hybrid over the 3 HMB (18*). I can't stress enough how the right head/shaft combo can really makes a difference with hybrids. I have a 220m par 3 that's my nemesis for both distance and wind affected that I haven't missed since putting the hybrid in my bag. If I wanted to replace the 4i with the PXG, I'd either shorten the shaft .5" to 1" from my 4i length to get the same gapping, or go up in loft with a highe
  6. The Ping Tour W 52.10 (bent to 51) was the best GW I've used. First fitted wedge for me as well. Chipping and pitching from 50 and in was pretty automatic and resulted in plenty of hole-outs. On a full swing, I consistently had exceptional proximity to the hole (~10' or less) Had to retire it and a Scratch GW because of the non-conforming grooves. I've since moved onto the T20 50.07 because of the extra spin and hitting the number with very little deviation. I'm not a fan of set wedges, but if it fits you why not use one?
  7. I'm another one who would go '18 Apex MB over the Ping. Had S55 and BP sets in the past. Haven't tried the new version Apex sorry, but I still own the Apex. Had 4 different shafts in them, all with great sound/feel and results. Played them this morning actually
  8. I prefer the set PW of my MP20 to the T20 46* for the vertical forgiveness that specialty wedges usually lack. I felt the same for the Apex MB when trying a Vokey and Cleveland. So it might not be a bad idea to go with the 718MB to keep the look similar, but add some versatility. Unless the Vokey has some characteristic of sole/bounce/shape that fits you better, there's only a mental aspect at play.
  9. The M5 (like the SIM Ti) has been a great feeling, consistent fairway for me. 260 on heel mishits and 280 on well struck shots. I hit a high, tight draw with my Accra combo. Can also get it off the deck when needed. The titanium face priced out a lot of interest initially, but can now be had for much less. Another benefit is that you won't be cracking the face anytime soon. I've been through the Ping, TEE, Cobra, Cally and Titleist offerings recently, but the only replacement I'd consider is the SIM Ti now.
  10. Been using the Gunmetal 7F5 since my Accra RPG was stolen, and it's been amazing. Not as stable as RPG, but what is? It's like a really, really smooth Whiteboard/Graphite Design AD DI with an extra gear. I've picked up my average distance off the tee without changing anything else. It'll go into my backup G400 unless my replacement RPG isn't the unicorn combo I remember it to be.
  11. Interested in the PXG if you have it around still. Can you PM a few pics of crown and face?
  12. HMB has been the solution for me. I tried a Callaway UT, Srixon U65, JPX919HM and a litany of MB/CB. It's like the hybrid of long irons! I struggled with this one particular 200-220m par 3 until finding this club. Also bagging the HMB 3i with KBS Proto as more of a driving iron for other tracks, but starting to prefer the 19* G400 hybrid in this spot as the regular option at home. Considering adding another KBS Proto to the HMB 4i, or something similar, as the extra speed and launch of graphite has been welcome on colder mornings when you're a little tight
  13. Personally using the KBS Proto 85X with great results in my HMB. Had the Pro Modus 125X in there first, but this has been an upgrade to the speed without losing anything over the steel. Previously had a Callaway UT with AD DI-95X that was also lightweight and very stable. It's very windy here on the coast, so the utility iron gets a workout in most rounds. I've been inspired to look at switching to graphite throughout the rest of the bag.
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