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  1. too boring to even comment
  2. Random thought: I like that they can make practice swings from waste areas (bunkers) throughout, good way of feeling whether or not its hard of soft under the ball. Makes no sense to me that regular play doesn't allow to ground in a bunker but now able to ground club in a hazard. Maybe a pace of play concern for regular folks but doesn't make much sense.
  3. Koepka is so mentally strong he will wear an even uglier hat tomorrow and ride it to victory. It's fashion, brah.
  4. Put it all on DJ to win the PGA, I got a good feeling about him this week. U could hedge and drop a dime on JT, just in case.
  5. Quick research indicates "Cheater Cheater" by Joey + Rory (presumably other Rory)
  6. I would argue that he has an aesthetically pleasing swing and has kept a very high ranking, so I don't know the timing based swing is to blame, more like a mental barrier to close out a tournament. Obviously not everybody has the mental strength to win at that level on a consistent basis, regardless of how good the swing looks. Maybe needs someone on his "team" to handle the head issues. I agree, golf is hard, and so is timing a fireole with an R-80 bubble shaft.
  7. A swing that many would love to have, try to emulate or somehow bottle it, but he can't close the deal on US PGA tournaments. That drive on 18 yesterday probably too on the nose, but it seems odd he hasn't won at least once in the states. Yes, he travels with his own mattress (used to, still does?) but it just seems like a lot of talent and not getting more out of it. Maybe he's not that good, he only has one more claret jug than me, but still. Is it all in between the ears?
  8. His voice was always a little squeaky, a telling sign that he was in trouble with his timing based swing. Once he gets his full howl then I'm sure he'll roar back into making a cut.
  9. I wonder how many people who oppose banning the armlock support banning green reading books. I say ban them both.
  10. Does he owe money to the Russian guy from the 2012 blockbuster by the same name starring John Cusack?
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