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  1. With all due respect, I believe the correct title is: "What up with Wolff?"
  2. You didn't even consider that maybe Frank was driving? He's the only one in custody.
  3. Putter off the tee on the last playoff hole and it left him down, as usual, then he hit a mediocre putt out of the bunker to leave himself a testy putt, and gets beaten by a 3 (net 2), classic Finau.
  4. Did Berger finish or is he still lining up his putt?
  5. It's going to end up at TPC Scottsdale, return of the mash potatoes and Bababoeys
  6. Masters: Jordan Spieth (monumental comeback engineered by Butch) PGA: Wolff US OPEN : Tiger!!! (But more likely Xander or Jason Day) Open: DJ
  7. Which is amazing since that's the year he went back to the conventional (short) putter.
  8. The shortest hitter here on golfwrx is still 30 yards longer than Kyle. So whatevs. BDC, he has a special quality that makes it very easy for me to root against. The know it all attitude, the fake aww shucks, the you're hurting my brand, the I'll argue I'm not OB, I can get a drop, etc. Just the whole package of dislike, for me. I'm sure some people love him.
  9. All that technology and fancy stuff for a putter that will get full of grass and dirt and whatever wants to get into that lattice and you'll always have something rattling in there. Hard pass.
  10. it's all good, 1) there's no galleries to hit into, and 2) pretty soon YJS is going to be the amateur partner playing with a low ranked pro.
  11. Good, I don't have to put Tigre on a Tyrrell Hatton watch, that's a relief!
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