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  1. Putter betrayed him??!!! He shot 61!!
  2. Go with Zack Johnson and Trevor Immelman to ensure some long term continuity.
  3. I've won my club's masters tournament like 3 times, once I bought Spieth (pre Willet) and we used his final round and mine for stableford. My life didn't change at all, I can't speak for Jordan.
  4. Got my 17 w Trono 75 S, I was sweating it for awhile since it was "Processing" for so long. Stout with some give on good swings. We'll see how it behaves on course.
  5. I got a 16 on mine, thats it, It's going back, can't live without the tour proto shaft that I should be getting for not upcharge, this is an outrage!
  6. Could this be the greatest marketing experiment (stunt) ever run by an equipment manufacturer? Maybe they worked out a deal with LA shafts? Probably not...
  7. Received the 21 degree w LA Trono 75 today, first impressions: super stable, not boardy, but I gotta see this thing fly outside, hitting in the net ain't telling me much.
  8. If Jay Don Blake gets the flat stick to work Collin has no chance.
  9. Reloaded and went and ordered the 17 also w the LA Trono, let's see what actually ships out. could be a sight unseen, mistake but I couldn't help myself.
  10. Ordered my 21 with the "stock" Trono 75!
  11. Very sad news. A few years ago I sat next to Casey on a plane, we had a delay and were waiting on the tarmac. He was super uncomfortable the whole time but incredibly pleasant. You could see it was a struggle for him to get around but there he was, traveling with his team and being an ok guy. Hope he recovers and can enjoy his life.
  12. Just use full handicap and the appropriate tee boxes. Problem solved. A 3 net 2 on 13 would go a long way, and probably get a skin.
  13. I think it's time for the obligatory "What up with Burns?" post.
  14. hope he didnt get dq, i count 30/29 for a 59. NEVERMIND! I can't count!!! I was looking at previous day 37!!
  15. I'm ok with it if they can book Mean Gene for the pre-game interviews.
  16. I know how he feels, I've worn out the heel of the putter.
  17. If they really wanted a playoff this would end with the top 64 going into match play winner take all.
  18. Cam Champ needs to carry a 7 wood for the next time he's in this situation. He needs all the help he can get obviously.
  19. He got covid from his driver
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