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  1. Long story short..... I just turned 40, I don't play as much as I'd like and I certainly don't practice as much as I need. I thought these stiff shafts in my JPX 800 irons were beginning to hurt my game and figured I was on my way to regular flex shafts. I really liked the looks of the Ping G25's and decided I would get fit by a certified fitter. To my shock and amazement after a 45 minute dynamic fitting, I was fit for G25's 5-UW with CFS X-Flex shafts, white dot and +1/2" length. I had a 91mph swing speed with the Mizuno shaft optimizer and found the stock CFS X-flex shaft produce
  2. I've had an entire bag of Snake Eyes clubs but have moved on to Mizuno irons. Still use the SE putter and hybrids. Get them while you can, the shop guy at my local Golfsmith says they are getting out of the component business and will not be restocking the inventory once they are gone. Sounds like they just cant compete with the used club market and the TMAG's of the world abundent inventory of 1-2 year old discounted new equipment.
  3. Title says it all. How long is your driver and why do you prefer that length. I have a 45.5 inch Mizuno JPX 800 and I am considering cutting 1/2 inch to possibly even one inch off for more consistent contact.
  4. The shop guy at my local Golfsmith said that they are getting out of the component business. My guess would be that the MacGregor line may not be far behind with the exception of possibly complete 14 club beginner type sets. Doesnt sound like they've been very profitable.
  5. Ci9 in particularI know that the lie angle is very easily adjusted on forged irons, however, I'm looking at a set of Wilson Staff Ci9 irons and wondering if it would be possible for them to be bent 2* upright. I've been told that some OEM cast clubs are easier to bend than others. Any help or knowledge would be appreciated.
  6. Very nice looking clubs, you should be proud of those. After seeing those I may have to look into them. I like clubs with a classy look (as in limited graphics and colors). What shafts did you have installed?
  7. Are these difficult to hit in dry, hard conditions. I'm just trying to imagine hitting these last summer here in the midwest when temps approached 100 with no rain for weeks.
  8. Why do do most of these topics always end up in these SGI vs. players iron debates? The OP was simply comparing the forgiveness of the forged CB vs. AP2.
  9. [quote name='jaskanski' timestamp='1304269329' post='3199815'] The brand name is the biggest selling point. Why anbody would want to dissolve the branding is beyond comprehension - a bit like buying out Apple and rebranding it Lemon - you just don't do it. The Callaway / Hogan arguement is pretty irrelevant - Callaway certainly didn't acquire a market leader at the time. Rather they bought a rather niche brand with a loyal enough following, but not enough market presence to justify keeping them afloat. The golf ball market share is bigger than the rest of the names put together and it's for
  10. [quote name='mfm22' timestamp='1304185479' post='3198217'] I was wondering how a" game improvement" iron would really help in learning a GOOD swing ? The whole premise of bigger offset , oversize heads,jacked up lofts ,large soles,perimeter weighting all around etc... How will this help anyone develop,practice & learn a Good swing ? The compensations built into Game improvement clubs [super GI'S are crazy] are counter intuitive [imho] [/quote] The average high handicapper (the majority of golfers) doesn't necissarily care about developing, practicing and learning a good swing
  11. Saw six dozen in my local Wal-Mart this morning!! They now have zero, however.
  12. [quote name='King_Slender' timestamp='1299694711' post='3040391'] Here would be another interesting comparison (though maybe it's outlawed by advertisers) - Compare this year's model (e.g. R11) of a club with the previous 2 generations (R9 and R7) on the "Iron Byron" (or whatever machine, for consistency). I think golfers would love to know if the "stock" models of each club are significantly different in performance, beyond the manufacturer's claims. [/quote] Best suggestion I've read yet! Would really love to see "unbiased" numbers, rather than what the OEM claims the current offerings
  13. I currently play DG s300 shafts at +1" over standard. Am I correct in assumption that the extra 1 inch is making the shaft play softer? Curious to know as I am looking to reshaft with Flighted Rifles and wondering if I should play the 6.0 or 6.5. True Tempers shaft fit "suggests" that I play 7.0 based on my responses, which I think is crazy. Thanks
  14. Central Indy here as well, where did you order from?
  15. [quote name='Redbird' timestamp='1297121982' post='2958689'] GD Pershing if you can find one. One of my all time favorite "affordable" shafts. [/quote] What's the launch profile on the Pershing? Is it a lower launch similar to the NV, V2 etc?
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