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  1. Driver or fairway wood and what was weight
  2. I struggle more with driver than anything else 3 woods is my fairway finder. But it would be nice to get a little higher. Beside the tensei Pro white anything else I could try
  3. Driver mostly but a little bit of higher flight on 3 wood could help
  4. Does anyone have experience with both shafts ? What are the differences in feel ? Interesting for more fairway woods. Thanks
  5. 1. Augusta Country Club 2. Martinez GA 5. 4.6 4. Taylormade M5 9 degree head upright setting with a tensei Pro orange 70TX 5. I didn’t get my driver fit 6. TSi 3 7. Yes
  6. Can you send me a DM more information on the issue head such as loft, weight and face angle ? Thanks
  7. TPT golf shaft 14.5 LKP LT SW with a Taylormade Sleeve 1.5 degree 43 1/2 butt to tip $350 Fujikura Speeder857 TR with a Taylormade Sleeve 2 degree 43 1/2 butt to tip $250 not sure if they tipped. The prices include shipping to the lower 48 payment using PayPal. Mark
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