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  1. Call Golf md in lenexa for a quote. very good guys
  2. This combo has ur name written all over it!!!! http://www.tourspecgolf.com/forum/topic/31573-ryoma-v-spec-95crazy-cb-46-67-price-drop/ Ryoma is THE BEST in terms of forgiveness! Feel is very soft as well.
  3. Had nippons long ago. They were smooth feeling. Installed the Aerotechs and never looked back!
  4. [quote name='willpeoples' timestamp='1317446341' post='3610675'] Hey man, my German Shepherd had TPLO a couple days ago. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Its a tough process. [/quote] Thanks man. Hope your dog recovers to 100%. I hear that the success rate is very good and the knee will be good as new after recovery.
  5. [quote name='Medicaptain' timestamp='1317438500' post='3610347'] TPLO?....Good Luck Maddie!>>>>> We had our boy Jakes knee done.....he is awesome now....rehab slow, its worth it!! [/quote] Yes TPLO. I hear its the best. Thanks for the well wishes!
  6. Ryoma, Royal Collection, PRGR, Saqra, TEEHello All, Don't want to sell these, but my pooch needs $5k knee surgery! Saqra INB-2018 Forged cavity back Irons. Hardly Used! 4-PW with stiff flex graphite shafts These feel great! Like Epon AF 301's, just a little too compact for me. They are Beautiful!! I would keep them if I didn't need the $! Retail Price $1050 at Tourspec Golf. Specs: http://www.tourspecg...avity-Back-4-PW $550 including paypal and shipping in the USA. Pm me for international shipping quote. Royal Collection Driving Spoon Head only 11.5* I put an idiot mark on
  7. Just FYI. If you ride, neither bag fits in a golf cart well. Both bases are too big to fit in most carts, leading to a sloppy ride. This blows me away since these are both "cart" bags.
  8. Joe's the man! One of these days my swing will be consistent enough to get a fitting!
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