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  1. Yep, figured it was too easy and that I was missing something. Thanks fellas.
  2. Thanks for bringing this to light, and sorry you're both getting screwed here. From here out, wouldn't the loophole to skirt this policy be to send the "refund" back to the buyer as a F/F transaction? Or am I missing something obvious?
  3. Make offers, fellas. These gotta go. Worst I can say is no.
  4. Nike Vapor Pro blades, 3-PW with DG S300 shafts. Irons are in great shape for a forged offering. PVD has been removed to give the MM Proto look. Almost new New Decade Plus 4 grips in grey. Full disclosure: Ferrules have ridden up on 6I and PW. No shaft bands. Some grips are slightly misaligned, at least to my eye. Didn't bother me the few rounds I used them, but wanted to be fully transparent. Full sets on the electronic bay are selling for $300 in below average condition to $500+ in great condition - so lets split the difference at SOLD in the CONUS only. Will ship onl
  5. I just realized I never updated this. Ended up playing Streamsong Black, OCN Panther Lake and Championsgate International. OCN was a great layout, but I was disappointed in the fairway conditions. CI was in excellent shape, tough course, enjoyed it. Streamsong is the t****.
  6. Package deal, price includes PayPal fees and shipping to the Lower 48 USA only. I just purchased these in like new condition from Callaway Pre Owned, took them to Streamsong and decided they're not for me. Both have s400 shafts (one without label) and new Callaway branded NDMC. 54/10 S grind and 58/8 C grind. $175 shipped OBRO.
  7. I'll be there on Friday. Only Black is open right now as they are regrassing all greens on Red and Blue to Mach 1. I think they plan to reopen in October. EDIT: Their website says October 1.
  8. Thanks, Richie. was hoping you'd respond. We're playing 36 at Panther Lake on Saturday, so that's out. But I'll look into the others.
  9. I know there are a ton of threads on Orlando, but could use some updated information. Will be in town August 27-30th and are looking for a course for the Sunday round. Playing Streamsong on Friday and OCN on Saturday. Seems like all of the other courses we're interested in are aerating between now and then - Waldorf, Southern Dunes, Championsgate CC - and apparently the Cypress New course is a trainwreck with all the construction - no range, lack of yardage marked, etc. Any suggestions? We're staying on Intl Drive South and would like to be back to our hotel by 1:30 to shower a
  10. All yours, Ryan. Check your inbox. Enjoy your new sticks.
  11. Update scan for the most recently shipped package this morning, it's in my area at least and there's an outside shot it's delivered today - only a 1 day delay. The other package left NC on the 31st for St. Louis - somehow made it's way to Seattle and was last scanned on the 5th. They haven't even bothered to update the "in transit, arriving late" message since the 9th. Sucks because I had it shipped to my 2nd residence because I'm there from the 31st to the 15th - now I'm going to have to spend more money to have it shipped to my other home.
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