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  1. I bought the Packard model of the Southern Living Collection - comfort is awesome just as good as the regular Premiere which are very comfy. Highly recommend.
  2. Those look great - which grey color is that the English grey pebble or whatever it's called? The grey looks a little lighter in this pic than it does on the myjoys site.
  3. This is a great thread - regarding alignment lines on putters.... You say top lines generally are a hook bias and slice bias for a flange line - When you say hook bias does that mean you'd aim left (for a right handed golfer) or does that mean you aim right to accompany a hook? I struggle with alignment - I've always been a flange line guy but typically I aim left (I'm a righty) so I'm trying to find something that helps me aim a little bit more on line. I'm typically use an Anser/Newport 2 with a plumbers neck so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated if the
  4. I completely just impulse bought an 11.5, I've long been a blade guy but just haven't been making much so decided to mix it up a bit. As a long time Scotty collector, I haven't been a fan of Scotty's new lines but I have to give credit to him on the latest lines of both the blades and the new Phantom X mallets. Finally shifting away from those aluminum insert faces back to a milled face has made all the difference in the world. Easy to align and stable - plus a really nice feel off the face that doesn't feel too terribly soft.
  5. I wear the same inseam in both, they are close enough where I haven't noticed any difference. Can't comment on the waist - i'm the same 34 in both.
  6. Will be close to Bonobos Tailored fit on the public rec slim fit. I think the public rec have a bit more stretch though. Only thing I don't like about the PR is the big "P" on the back pocket, otherwise they are awesome pants.
  7. They are awesome - I just bought another pair as well and I've already spent wayyyyyy too much on golf shoes in 2021. I officially have a problem...
  8. I'm a big Bombas guy - I bought a few pairs to try and probably won't ever wear anything else again. They are expensive but compared to what I used to use previously (Nike or Under Armour) it's night and day.
  9. Footjoys (for me) run a half size larger than Gallivanters. I'm a 11M in FJ & 11.5 in GF. Everybody's different so I'd def recommend trying them on.
  10. I'm a big fan of Public Rec's pants but I also have Bonobos as well. If you want a cheaper option - Target's All-In-Motion pants are really nice for the price too.
  11. Feel/Comfort they are almost identical. The boa gives you a little more a wrap feeling across the laces. But to me the sole/footbed felt identical, granted I only wore the non-boa in the store and I ended up buying the boa's. I only ended up with the Boa's because I liked the colors better than the non - I'm not typically a boa guy...
  12. No issues here - Footjoy has been rock solid for me this year. To be honest - I've always been a Nike guy but their sizing has become so inconsistent that I've switched to Footjoy/Adidas for 2021. Can you try a 8.5M?
  13. They are extremely comfortable - in my opinion more comfortable and lighter than the 360's. If I'm being 100% honest, i don't love the way they look as much but the comfort and performance are fantastic.
  14. I absolutely love the Premiere's, best shoe I've bought in a very long time. I haven't bought Footjoy shoes in forever - but Footjoy knocked these out of the park. More comfortable and lighter than GFore to me.
  15. If anything they ran small for me. I'm usually an 11.5 or 12 in Nike and had to go with the 12's in the ADG3.
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