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  1. Picked up a pair of the Premiere's today (Packard version), super comfy and surprisingly lighter than I expected. Can't wait to try them on a course. I also tried on a pair of the Hyperflex and they were very comfy as well, extremely soft soles. In the end, I just didn't love the look.
  2. I'd have to agree, it can't be THAT hard to offer this as an service on an OTR. Taylormade & Toulon are doing it already and you can charge a premium for it. Scotty has the circle T market to protect though, so I'm sure that's the reason. The putter itself in this thread is awesome though, I'm not a mallet guy but seeing that one makes me sort of want to be.
  3. Agree these pants are nice, I have a few pairs. Recently I've gotten the Target brand pants that I like a ilttle bit more fit wise but I wear both.
  4. Any idea how these hoodies fit? I like that Ohana hoodie.
  5. I love both brands but I'm a mixed bag.. I wear TM primarily casually off the course since their shirts don't breath as well and don't have any wicking material to help on hot days. I live in the Southeast so in the humid Summer I need as much help as I can get. On the course, I wear PM Summer Comfort. The polos run huge (for me) so I'm a full size smaller than I am in almost every other line. They hold up well and they look nice in my opinion, maybe a little more formal than TM but can't go wrong with either. As far as purchasing, TM used to have warehou
  6. I agree 100%, I have Tour Premiere, ZIT, Air Max and the shoe I wear most often is the Roshe G Tour. I hate that they are going away, I think they were the most comfortable of any Nike shoe that they've done in many years.
  7. I have a couple. They are cool designs and different. Plus the owner Enrique is an great dude.
  8. Those ADG3's are absolute fire. I will buy them as soon as they come out! The rest of the catalog is meh, I was super pumped for the ZIT for all of 2020 but honestly once they came out and i got them I was kind of underwhelmed by the fit/comfort and I tried 2 different sizes in both regular and wide. I still think the best shoe Nike has done in the past 2 years was the Roshe G Tour, I wish they would have kept those going in 2021.
  9. Looking for some nice slim fit golf pants, preferably with a nice stretchy material. I used to be a Nike guy but I haven't found any of their pants lately that fit the way I'd like them to. I've looked at Johnny-O, Peter Millar & other and most seem to be just more of a standard fit. I'm not looking for anything TOO slim or skinny but a nice modern looking pant would be great. Any suggestions?
  10. I have long been a Cameron fan boy but I have to say that over the last few years Club Cameron releases have been pretty blah. Not much to get excited about and then on top of all that all the recent website issues. I still believe in the putters and a lot of the stuff coming from the Gallery is still pretty cool but I think 2020 will be my last year for Club Cameron. A shame really, it was always fun to get excited for every release...
  11. I have a Chicago with a Stroke Lab shaft and really like it. My distance control has been much better with the stroke lab than a traditional putter shaft.
  12. Swag has done an incredible job at marketing and releasing lots of products to very quickly get a high demand for their stuff. The website stuff sells out in seconds and I have no clue about the secondary market, I think in the secondary market it's always whatever people are willing to pay. Higher demand = higher prices. Sure there are tons of flippers out there looking to make a buck but there is with any of these types of things. Swag has grown quite a bit on me, I still hate the name but they've released some pretty awesome covers and the quality on their putters is top notc
  13. I bought a 1/2 size larger in the TP (12M vs. 11.5M) and they are still pretty snug width wise around my toes. I've never been a wide in any shoe in my life, in fact I consider my feet on the narrow side and the TP's still felt snug. Aside from the width issue, I thought they were comfortable otherwise. Now I only wear them on carts. I wish I could have tried them in wide, oh well. Too late now.
  14. Love Rhoback, I have 6 or so of their polos. They are great quality and a great fit.
  15. I've been waiting on the grey, I will buy as soon as they are (hopefully) released. Figures, I've been waiting to so long I finally bought the all white ZIT and now we see shots of the greys. Oh well, just more shoes!
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