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  1. Not sure why I thought about this last night but do you guys think that if the Masters is postponed until 2021 they will resell the shirts and items without dates on them? I would doubt it being ANGC. You would think everything would be new? Also where does this 2020 stuff go?
  2. Hey all, I’ve been saving up some cash for a practice round, have any of you guys ever bought tickets around Washington ave? I’ve been reading a little about it online? It just seems like with the fees on stubhub for 2 tickets for my wife and I that I could almost get another ticket or some more goodies in the shop. Thanks so much. this is looking like a option since I may never win the ticket lottery.
  3. Lost out again, how much would you guys consider paying for a Monday practice? Would you recommend driving 7hrs or so and taking a chance on Washington or having a 600 something in hand from stubhub? Just curious, gotta make this happen.
  4. Disappointing yearly date.
  5. Bobby Nichols over Steve Flesch right?
  6. I saw you could go ahead and apply but I didn’t get a email yet? Did you guys just go ahead and apply or are we supposed to get an email like previous years? Doubt it matters.
  7. Anyone know when the 2020 lottery begins? Just curious
  8. Win the Masters ticket lottery one time.
  9. You serious Clark? Been in the lottery for 10 years with a big goose egg, I would have done this to see tiger win in that way, no questions asked.
  10. I’ve been telling the wife the last couple years(she watches some golf and has been to a few events with me) that if we don’t ever hit on the lottery that I’ll just get a hotel and we’ll make the drive and buy on the street. May have to take that plunge.
  11. Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to cause an argument, I would just like to be able to attend one day before I’m 85 and can no longer walk those hills( I’ve heard it’s hilly) I also wouldn’t mind paying a little more for a sandwich if it didn’t cost a car to get in.
  12. Getting into the damn tournament feels like I’m almost asking to play the course. We regret... maybe I’ll ask Nantz
  13. it’s just insane inflation in the markup, Koepka compared it to having a Ferrari. If that’s the case, I’m in trouble.
  14. I figured that, I just wasn’t sure if somehow a cut of it got back to them somehow.
  15. Does Augusta give a large amount of tickets to these brokers? I’ve never understood how that works. If it’s all so cheap(food, tickets with face value.) besides people spending loads on merchandise, they are very deep in funds.
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