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  1. For whatever reason, the courses have gone from 8 minute tee times to 15 minute tee times, pretty much cutting the available times in half (at least on the city-owned courses) and leaving the 45 minute tee time open for walkers only. Courses haven't been overloaded, but the pace of play is much, much better.
  2. Completely agree with your worst lists. When I was still caddying, you could always tell the Cleveland HiBore users from across the course. The sound was absolutely terrible. The best would have to be the Taylormade M5 (I know this was last year, but it is new to me). I really like that "crack" that the composite brings to the table. The Callaway C4 and FT-i was pretty terrible as well.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has used or is still using the PXG Daggar putter? Interested in this because I know I need more of a flow neck putter like the Newport 1.5, but this really caught my eye.
  4. Really interesting comment there. I've had the same experience with the M5 since putting it in the bag this year. Balls that I really thought were crushed, were still out there, but not as far as I thought. However, my fairway percentages are way, way up. Over 160+ rounds, my fairway average was 47%. Over the last 10 rounds, I'm up to ~60%. I figure that the lack of distance is probably due to the fact that I wasn't fit for the driver at all. I cracked my driver shaft on my old one and demoed a M5 for a round at the course. I liked it so much, I kept the exact sam
  5. I use my 3-wood from the tee only and use the 5-wood off the deck. The M6 ball flights were something that I couldn't get used to. I know that a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was playing a Black Tie shaft in my M2 and didn't get along with the Atmos.
  6. That's pretty much what I think of too. A lot of groups lose time on the green too with making sure that they play in the order of "furthest away". Our regular group plays "whoever is ready have at it".
  7. We had a similar issue a few years ago. Head pro spoke with the parent and let him know that if it happened again, the child would not be allowed to play going forward. Behavior happened again at another event and child was banned from playing in any club events.
  8. Just means that you're ready to hit your shot when it is your turn. You've already lasered your shot, picked your club, and ready to go while others are hitting their shots. Honors off the tee don't really matter (and shouldn't) so the wait time is less. Sounds like the old guy played as a single and you were along for the ride. Doesn't sound like a super enjoyable round.
  9. Srixon Q-Star Tours all the way for me. I bought them on Lost Golf Balls earlier this for for maybe $7.99 a dozen (got 10 dozen). I'll also through the Maxfli Tour from Dicks' out there too. They can be routinely had for two dozen for $50.
  10. Ah, that's right. I forgot that I bought the Player's Card each year. I want to say we did the Platinum Card and it got two free rounds and a bunch of other discounts. I lived in Greensboro from 2010 to 2018, so the drive down there wasn't terrible. We didn't live that far away from Tot Hill (another Strantz), but really didn't like that layout at all. I think the approach shots there are far more difficult than hitting fairways. It isn't a long course by any means (6,500 or so yards from the back tees), but making sure that you put the approach on the right level is key.
  11. Really good topic. I know you've been talking about the drivers, but thought I'd throw my hat in regarding the fairways. I do think that the upgrade to M5 over the M2 driver would be a good idea. I really do think that the TwistFace helps and I've seen my driving accuracy increase over the M2 and Cobra F8 that I had been playing. With the fairways, I would absolutely not upgrade to the M6 model. Tried the M6 model and had some really odd ball flights that I've never seen before. Things would start on line and then take a 90* turn to the right when the ball reached its apex. P
  12. Definitely agree with Tobacco Road. With all of the courses designed by Strantz, they can be visually intimidating off of the tee, but there is plenty of landing zone out there. The first hole at Tobacco Road pretty much sums that up with those two large mounds framing the fairway. Past those and the fairway has to be like 100 yards wide. Did they raise the rates again? I don't remember paying close to $200 out there when I last played. I definitely wouldn't put No. 2 and Tobacco Road on the same day. Try and switch that one up. And honestly, if you play a round at No. 2,
  13. Good morning, For sale is a Taylormade M6 fairway wood in 15* with Atmos stiff shaft. Plays to the stock length and will come with a brand new SuperStroke TX1 blue/white grip. Club was purchased in Certified Preowned condition and played for two rounds with a handful of range sessions. Taylormade headcover not available, but will ship with headcover for protection. $190 shipped and PayPal'd to the CONUS. Thank you!
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