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  1. I'm in Lexington now and there are definitely a few courses near me that I think are worth playing. Kearney Hills (Pete Dye track that is public) Griffin Gate (Marriott resort course) University Club Big Blue (home course of the University of Kentucky) Hopefully you've budgeted some time to hit the bourbon trail. Even if you stay in Lexington, there are 3-4 distilleries in town and close to 10 breweries right near by.
  2. Yep! I used the M5 since it came out until switching this year to the Callaway Epic Speed. LOVED the feel/sound at impact and I truly think it was one of the straightest drivers I've ever hit. Even got along with the stock shaft that came with it (Tensei Orange). I don't think it was the longest by any means for me since it spun just a little more than I wanted, but still a great driver overall. One of the biggest positives for me was the look. I like that the face was outlined in a separate color (grey vs. carbon). That's one of the downsides of the current Epic S
  3. Ah, that's too bad. Didn't realize that!
  4. Well, the stroke lab didn't really work for me. It never "felt" good to me. If I ever go back to the Odyssey putter, I'll get it without a Stroke Lab. I played a Nike Origin B2-01 from when they were released until about a month ago and put in a UST Frequency Filtered putter shaft and really loved it. I don't really know how to describe it, but I felt more "connected" to the putter head. I'm playing the Bettinardi SS17 now and I really think I want to replace the stock shaft with the Frequency Filtered.
  5. I remember those bags. They were awful. Do you remember the Belding Bushwacker golf bags? Even their double strap bags were terrible. That being said, our pro when I caddied (essentially 1999 to 2012) bought several Ping Mantis bags if a member with a bag like that wanted a caddy.
  6. Asa former caddie, we avoided all Ogio, Callaway (most were Ogios), and many of the Taylormade bags (straps aren't great). Swapped them out for Hoofers, Hoofer lites, some of the lighter Titleist bags, etc.
  7. Free! Completely understand what you're saying about the missed revenue. I usually get my 9 hole rounds in after work and have been teeing off around 4:30/5:00 PM just to get a quick one in (not prime time on Saturday/Sunday). I wish those tee times would be more in line.
  8. Completely agree! What I wish courses would do is have a reasonable rate for 9 holes instead of 80% the cost of 18. When I walk my local course it is $29 on the weekdays. 9 holes is $21. Never quite liked the idea of that.
  9. I second that thought! Layout is okay, but not worth the time (usually long rounds).
  10. I'd have a chance, but really, really not likely. When I played there, I went from the Dye tees and shot 82 from 6,475 and was really happy with it. I can't imagine what nearly 8,000 yards would be like. That was also with the rough not as thick and the greens playing their normal speed. With the speed from yesterday, not a snowball's chance for me. The biggest challenge for me there was getting the right starting line off the tees and even that was a struggle when I could see the fairway off my tees.
  11. Definitely agree with your thoughts on Grandover. For the life of me, I can't quite figure out how they stay afloat. If you do play it, the East is better than the West Course. If you're looking for public play, Bryan Park was my home course when we lived there from 2010 to 2018. Champions course is a challenge. Greens are speedy and the rough can get mean! For the price, that was my daily go-to. The Cardinal is definitely worth playing. Completely quirky design that has difficult tee shots and approach shots. Only played it once, but it was worth the time.
  12. I've been playing the MD3s since they came out, so I've been a big fan. I have the standard grind on my 50* & 54*, but the C Grind on my 58*. I think they've held up well since I got them (2015 I think?) with enough spin. The S Grinds move really well through the turf on full shots and I haven't seen any need for any other grinds out of the bunker on the 54*.
  13. Ah, gotcha. That makes sense. I like laying back on those so I can have a full 54* (~95 yards). What's the next wedge you have under the 56?
  14. It won't be super accurate but it will be good enough for government work. Take the ball speed and divide it by a smash factor. Here's a data set that I had readily available. You can see that the smash is relatively low because it is being driven by an inaccurate club speed. I know from previous Trackman sessions that I'm not anywhere near 108. Divide the average ball speed by a smash of 1.48-1.49. The more inefficient you assume with a lower smash factor, the higher your clubhead will be. You can also set up your data set to give ranges too. So, if I
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