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  1. I'm convinced that when they first came out someone on here stated that they were not forged in the traditional sense but were actually cast first and then finished off with a forging, a bit like the old TaylorMade Coin Forged. This would explain any perceived harshness it would also explain their durability. I had mine for 6 months, playing at least three times a week. When I sold them last week they still looked like new with barely a mark on them. As for feel I replaced Mizuno MP4 with these so I think it is safe to say that they was always going to be a slight difference. However
  2. The course is definitely better than the average PGA Tour fare, I'm enjoying it immensely. The field is pretty stellar, it's just a shame I won't see the end, it finishes far too late for me. The other thing about this event is how it has failed to catch the imagination of the WRX members. Is this a WRX issue, a golf issue or is it a NFL issue.
  3. They have already hit eBay here in the UK. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SRIXON-ZX5-ZX7-Z-FORGED-COMBO-IRONS-4-PW-STIFF-FLEX-SHAFTS-SRIZX7001/164446215125?hash=item2649c21bd5:g:d-UAAOSwMZpfht0y A rather nice combo set at that.
  4. It's the Augusta National golf course, the Cathedral in the Pines, the green jacket, it was before Tiger and it will be after Bryson. This year is even better because this year we get to see it raw and I for one can't wait to see it, regardless of who it is I'm watching.
  5. Guess nobody gives a **** about the Shriners. PGA Championship at Wentworth was a decent watch.
  6. I can't recommend Alex Hays autobiography "Ripening Hay" enough. It is a brilliant read for anyone who loves golf, full of witty and informative stories interwoven into the tale of his life in golf.
  7. nichho

    2020 US Open

    That was the highlight of my Christmases when I was a kid. I didn't care what else was on as long as Rudolph was.
  8. nichho

    2020 US Open

    Time for bed said Zebedee. It's getting late and there's nothing left to see.
  9. Very late at night here. Bottle of red wine and DJ currently running away with it. Bound to fall asleep.
  10. It's just a golf tournament for me, the biggest difference between this and any other tournament is that it finishes on a Monday instead of a Sunday. Other than that there's a bunch of golfers playing 18 holes a day for four days and whoever has the lowest score wins. And the size of the field, doesn't matter whether it's 175 or 30, the broadcaster is only ever going to show the leaders, and Tiger of course. I'll probably fall asleep before the end anyway.
  11. 254 yard 4 iron! They are quite good these Tour players.
  12. Have you also notice Koepka's teeth, they are impossibly perfect, so straight, so white. Eat your heart out Tom Cruise.
  13. You don't have to. If you want the RBC Heritage to be rated higher than the PGA just tell yourself that it is, after all it is purely subjective and arbitrary . You can ignore the rest of the golfing world when they are banging on about Open this and Masters that and bang on about the tournaments that are important to you. I'm sure that you will find some like minded souls on here, it truly is a weird place.
  14. Why just BD? From now on we can all only say positive, wonderful things about any tour player here on Tour Talk. The threads will be awfully short but we will all be woke, whatever that is.
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