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  1. I'm going to reshaft my sldr irons and having tried the taylormade website and the search feature on here I still can't find the tip size for the sldr irons .... If anyone has the info or has reshaft as set of them please let me know lol Also has anyone put project x 6.5 shafts in them. The full weight ones .... If so how did it work out .... Thanks
  2. Hi there , really struggling at the moment , seen 4 or 5 coaches this year and nothing has helped. I used to suffer a little with a big block with my driver so I only used it on non tight holes lol. But not its filtered into all my clubs down to about the 8 iron. I have no problem taking away its just when I get to the top I have a fear of hitting the ball and I usually end up with the club stuck miles behind me and going miles right. If there is out of bounds down the right I seem to aim miles left and I still end up blocking it. I was a plus 3 handicap just over a year ago and ill be off 1 pretty soon. I used to be a really long hitter but now I just slap the ball. I'm hanging by a thread here. So has any one had similar problems and over come them. Thanks
  3. ive got a custom made set burner 2.0s half inch longer with kbs tour stiff swingweight d4 ive got a set of project x 7.0s that are the same lenght but are .355 tip. could and one tell me if i install them to the same playing length will the swingweight be about the same and do i need to use the brass shims . also could some one tell me if i soft step them do i but cut them to lenght
  4. [quote name='TylerJagels' timestamp='1301220900' post='3092287'] should be about 2-3 swing weight points heavier, shouldn't be very noticeable. [/quote] added the half inch today ... feel a tad heavier not much though ... much better contact with the ball
  5. ive got a set of standard lenght and lie callaway x proto blades .... they have golf pride tour velvet full cord grips with 1 layer of tape and the shafts are project x 6.5 i want to remove the grips and add a half inch extension to the shafts ... then re grip with non cord velvet grips with 3 layers of tape does any 1 know if the swing weight will be ALOT more than what they are just now ? and if so what could be done to keep it similar swingweight when adding a half inch thanks
  6. so the ahina would launch lower and spin less than the project x ?
  7. taylor made uk wont offer pro x 7.0 i played a 63 gram whiteboard untipped stiff flex for over a year and loved it ... ive got quite a smooth change of direction at the top and too stiff a shaft can feel a bit harsh to me ... last shaft was a 73 gram whitboard x and i liked it but it just didnt feel as lively as the 63 gram stiff..... a shaft being a little too soft isnt a prob for me... my main concern would be with the launch and spin lower the better
  8. did u notice any launch or spin differences between the 2 ? does the pro x 6.5 fel like a soft x flex?
  9. any 1 able to compare these shafts? looking for what 1 would be lower launching and lower spin.... ordered my r11 tp with pro x 6.5 but the shaft wont be in stock for 2 weeks this hase given me the chance to change my mind lol ... my swing speed is 119 mph ... im high launch and medium to high spin would love to know what yous think would be the best fit thanks
  10. Dont have much chance to demo an r9tp iron , so i was wondering if any 1 could compare them to callaway x forged 09? im using the x forged 09 just now but quite fancy a change .. ive got project x 6.5 in my callaways and would have the same in the r9 tps.. Can any 1 give me an insight into what major differences there would be between these 2 sets i.e spin , luanch angle distance forgiveness etc thanks
  11. yer listen to the man play what u practise and practise what u play
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