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  1. Those are sweet looking. :-) Had a chance to get a set of these irons several years ago at Wally's Golf in Arlington, TX and I regret not jumping all over them.
  2. Polyester is great for sweaty warm weather here in Texas but in the winter or particularly dry fall or spring days polyester shirts turn into Tesla static electricity machines on me. Cotton/Poly blends work very well too.
  3. Gorgeous! Almost like the Taylormade Smoke color?
  4. Currently 6.5 WHS Titleist 905R Aldila Proto ByYou 70S 44" Original shaft drilled out and new shaft inserted 1 1/2"
  5. My old home state of Washington with all that has happened there is NOT closing courses. It is on the list of Allowed activities during the shutdowns. Good on yer WA. :-)
  6. 6.5 Handicap (WH) MacGregor MT Pro-M 3-PW DG S300 Wilson '89 Staff 2 iron DG S300 Played blades all my life. (I'm 57) I've never been able to break 80 with cavity back clubs.
  7. It was even rumored that back in the day Ping would not even re-shaft their touring pros Eye-2's with anything other than the Ping shafts. When Bob Tway started using TT Dynamic Gold he had to have one of the independant club van guys take care of it. I lived in Edmond, OK near Oak Tree at the time so I tended to believe it although it sounds weird now. Almost all the Oak Tree touring guys were with Ping back then.
  8. 1988 PGA Championship Silver Pages Classic (Senior Tour) AT&T Byron Nelson Colonial Invitational (Charles Schwab Challenge)
  9. Shot 48 on the front and 33 on the back. 48 was not my worst 9 at all but 33 was definitely my best 9. Strangest 81 I ever shot and I walked feeling pretty good. :-)
  10. As you can tell by my signature I'm a believer. Love the "ByYou" shaft in this head.
  11. They may not look it but these are the easiest hitting blades I have ever felt.
  12. They may not look it but these are the easiest hitting lades I have ever played with.
  13. Right, no need for a sixth or IMO a fifth even. Hosting a US Open would be cool. AN is closed in the summer. They are basically shut down after the Masters. At least they used to be.That would limit the available time frame considerably.
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