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  1. Angus Barn is an institution. Never have had a bad meal there. Now, you have me wanting to go back
  2. Same info i was told by Titleist as well. You know some dogs won’t let go of a bone though
  3. Glad I could restore your sanity. I had the conversation with a friend at Titleist before i ordered my T100S! There iid also a bit of preworn leading edge on the S.
  4. FYI There is a small difference between the T100 and T100S. The T100S irons are 2-degrees stronger than the T100 irons. The T100S also have a thinner club face for more ball speed. The weight placement was adjusted to decrease the center of gravity to ensure enough height on iron shots.
  5. Heard during a presentation with them this week, no plans for a black version at this time.
  6. PVD finish from what Understand. Also look for Copper versions of King Tour and of course the retail version of Rickie’s MB’s
  7. Mattaponi Sorings about 5 miles off I-95 just north of Richmond is the best convenient course. Royal New Kent, Golden Horseshoe and Spring Creek-which is limited to the public—are all great but 45 minutes to an hour or more from 95. Laurel Hill is nice as well. And Potomac Shores a few more exits down is really good.
  8. It’s pretty common from what I understand. But more than not, they are seperated by anywhere from 6 months to a couple years, of course depending on how bad each one is. i wanted one surgery, one hospitalization and one rehab. And i wanted to play completely pain free golf the following season, not still having one bad one hold me back.
  9. Thanks and getting them done on the same day was the right call for me. The Dr. said I was young enough—54–and in good enough shape that he felt i would do well with it. The first 2 days were rough. But also a huge part of the success was the in patient rehab. Doing PT 3 times a day for the those 8 days, definitely got me on the right track. Yes, i’ve heard some horror stories including my sister, who had to have hers redone after 3 years due to some loose material from the device. Good Luck, if you have yours done.
  10. Oh a tip I wish I had been told earlier in my rehab, if you have access to a swimming pool. Lots of walking in waist deep water will do wonders, and as you advance you can even do light jogging in the deep end. No impact on the knees as well.
  11. I had both knees replaced on Oct 14 several year ago. Recovery was pretty good. Following PT is imperative. In hospital and rehab 4 days. Moved to In Patient Rehab for 8 days Continued Out Patient Rehab 3 times a week, "graduated" on Dec 31 by taking partial then full speed golf swings on a simulator at PT. I was doing the following activities, timelines. Walking in the Rehab facility with crutches after 2 days Walking with a walker 1 day later Walking with a cane only by the time I left Was driving after 4 weeks Walked into my orthopedic
  12. I think a big part of its backup is getting components. Grips, ferrules and some shafts from suppliers. But yeah, good point on the workload as other threads have mentioned even John K working the production line, to help get orders out.
  13. I have a Rapsodo MLM and I absolutely delete the chunks and shanks etc. Bit definitely keep the misses such as toe and heel etc.
  14. Why not send them back to PING to switch out. You may be without them for a couple weeks. But this is WRX, surely you have a backup set.....or three
  15. A friend told me recently, they have all the demo bays closed, and only the one on one fittings available, due to COVID restrictions. Haven’t been to see myself, but that is what I was told.
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