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  1. Ok. If all that made your trip worthwhile, great. I was there more to interviews and demo the new stuff. did you go on Friday perhaps?
  2. Agree with the first part. Bit the 2nd part isn’t a factor at all? Have you been to a PGA show? There is very little anything feee be giving out that is of value. Some sample balls here and there. But that is hardly worth the time and cost to attend. Most went for the first hand look and trial of new stuff and a chance to spend time with the OEM staff and industry staff.
  3. Ok. Someone is way overthinking this. Ha I assumed it was all fun and games while we wait.
  4. Thanks, but most here figured that, it isn't our first rodeo We were wanting more info than what was obvious. I mean I could tell you the name of a yet to be released putter from a company, but don't have all the other info everyone would want, so why bother.
  5. Good question, and I don't know all the inner workings, but my guess is that Reed Management which owns the show has a contracted obligation to the Convention Center and needs to make it happen one way or another. I'm sure there were cancellations allowances for this years show due to COVID, and you would think there would be a clause again. But who knows, it's all above my pay and knowledge level.
  6. Yes, as of about 3 weeks ago, as I got early registration info. However, I know at least TM and Mzuno are not going. Speaking to several other attendees, they are not planning as well. Wouldn't surprise me if it gets moved to virtual again. I think once the companies saw how much money they saved last year, and how demand is still through the roof for equipment, they may never see the need for it again, at least in form we last saw it in 2020.
  7. Yes, they did. Or perhaps it was last week, I lost track of when they were out there. But don't expect any "leaks" until into December, and that may be even early depending on how strict/brave the reps are with the stuff.
  8. Welcome to 2021 …how was the nap But not to be a complete SmartWord not allowed. PING heads are produced in Taiwan and shipped to the US and assembled here.
  9. The I525 aren’t anywhere near that.
  10. lol!! I tell myself a lot of stuff that serves as justification I’ll have to look at the grip options again to be sure. But I don’t recall seeing them off the top of my head. Yes there is a GW. CTaper and CTL are available. I think part of pushing the release back might have been to assure they will be in good shape with all shafts. It’s not listed on the spec sheet I got. Maybe it might be an option on the portal once tbey go live.
  11. Glad you mentioned that. I forgot to post about that. I was in the camp of not liking it at all when I saw the pics. I will now say, once I had them in hand and was so taken by the overall appearance of the clubs, I didn't even give it a second thought or look. It seriously became a non issue. I could be wrong, but I think that will be the prevailing thought once people get them in hand.
  12. LOL!! Don't kill the messenger. But honestly that's not too hateful of price , so about $1295 for a 7 iron set. Right at the same price of the Titleist T Series. Certainly less than the I59 and less tan Srixon Z7 and just a little more than the TM P Series. And for the Mizuno feel and quality, not bad at all. Just my opinion!
  13. Great looking iron. The 221 is scary thin on top and sole for me. But blade players will love it. The 225 looks great. I couldn’t tell a huge difference between it and the 223. Snd unless my eyes were playing tricks on me. The 223 was slightly wider sole. But I’m talking very minute difference if at all. I also put the 223 down next to my ZX7 snd P790. It is noticibally smaller than the p790 on overall looks. But seems right on par with the ZX7. I actually hit my ZX7 (with recoil 95) pretty well. So I’m excited to try the 223.
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