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  1. Hottest Item up Top Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro and Hot Metal Combo. 5/6 in Hot Metal 7-G in HM Pros Both with KBS $ Taper Lite 95g +1/2 inch and 2 degrees upright. GP Midszie MCC Grips. These have have two half rounds and 2 or 3 range sessions. I would grade them 9/10. Barely 1 month old $old Next Up, MAVRIK Sub Zero 9* Rouge White 130 shaft 60g GP Midsize Grips $375 pin 10/27
  2. Yep, we did put the new shaft in the current one as well, five swings with it we only got one good one to work with. But also to be fair that was at the end some 40 swings later. So I'm sure that may have been a factor.
  3. I found on average 8 yards and up to 12 yards carry and 19 to 20 overall gains in going from my TS1 to Tsi2
  4. Fitting this week for a TSi2 came out with a 45” after seeing my most consistent miss being slightly toward the heel. The change brought the contact back toward the center. Minimal loss in CS, but imcreased ball speed got me a few more yards. Accuracy wasn’t an issue before or after the change.
  5. One in the same. I can see where i made it sound like two different clubs. Details on it should be out today.
  6. I think they are closed for the winter. Should start up again in April or May.
  7. Well, bad on me. I must have still been ogling the new iron and not listening closely
  8. Yeah. I never knew that about the difference in club speed on different parts of the head. I’ll go with that as the reason my SS dropped 5 mph this year, not me!! Ha
  9. Good stuff!! Ball Speed is King. Smash Factor is more of a cool “selling point” for the salesperson. It can be pretty inaccurate. See this timely piece from Marty Jertson Beware of Smash Factor
  10. That was fantastic snd right up my alley number wise. Thanks for posting it.
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