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  1. Yep, so the $250 price that has been confirmed by a few posters on here.
  2. Spieth put in the T100 irons. He might have added the T100 in a 2 or 3 iron. I know JT did but can’t recall if Spieth did to. yep. Great comment about Morikawa snd spieth said something very similar in his video promo of the T100.
  3. Yes. A 1 and 2, so just trying to keep things in order
  4. Missed out on this. Which is probably a good thing. Did I really need a 7th driver this year
  5. Or just realize that 1* is not going to make a playable difference to 99% of us on this forum.
  6. The video Titleist put out of Max Homs hitting the T100/T100s/T200/T300 at TPI was great. He is a CB player I think and he was amazed at how great the T100 looked and felt. And amazed at the distance of the T100S and T200. Sounded like he might consider switching to the T100.
  7. Really great release and timing by Titleist on these. Both Mizuno and PING are going to lose a ton of potential sales due to pushing their release dates back. TM a bit also. Although it’s launch is coming very soon.
  8. Great Post and point. The things that some of us amateur's get worked up over, that aren't even a 2nd thought for pros that put these their bags is quite puzzling.
  9. It is. Watch the Titleist series of videos (on their youtube channel) where Max Homa hits everything. They also talk about the difference between the U505 and the T200 Utility irons.
  10. That’s what I thought as well looking at that pic.
  11. Yeah, I know, i'm just busting chops. But I would say the "couple" weeks is pretty darn close
  12. I don’t think this site was formed for that reason. It definitely has the earliest in hand photos thanks to Greg’s great work. im not a lawyer so I want argue the legal definition of embargo. But Titleist and all companies 100% have a right to control when they want the information to become public for lots of reasons. can it be legally enforced. Probably not. But as I mentioned there is such a thing of maintaining a good working relationship with companies. Again no one is going to shun or give copacetic 30 lashes. I’m sure he had no idea. For example I
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