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  1. Ha ha. That’s Cold! Possibly true….but cold
  2. He put new 681.AS in play this week. Ambassadors Justin Thomas and Adam Scott each put sets of new prototype Titleist muscle back irons in play for the first time at the CJ CUP @ SUMMIT. Feedback from the best players in the world is a cornerstone of the Titleist R&D process, and these prototype irons (621.JT and 681.AS) have been developed in collaboration with each player to better understand some key design variables such as shaping, sole design and CG placement – that ultimately may find their way into future Titleist iron development. We look forward to sharing additional updates on these prototypes as we gain feedback and learn more from each player’s experience.
  3. Mizuno establishes Embargo dates. Sometime they are the same worldwide and sometimes they differ depending on The companies desire. Embargo for the US and Europe is December. So you won’t see anything on the YT channels in those areas until then.
  4. Sorry couldn’t resist. I have heard from at least a couple OEM that the my-Insert any OEM here—line or product will be a big thing in 2022. Especially when it comes to putters.
  5. Earlier this year when I had to chance to speak to someone in Mizuno R&D he hinted at something like this when we were discussing the upcoming release of the MMC (didn’t know about the name change st that time) I’m pleased to see it may actually been true.
  6. THP is the paid official HypeMachine for all things Callaway. So nothing surprising there.
  7. Expect the following: Most of which has already been talked about here in several threads. TaylorMade New Driver Line to Replace SIM/SIM2 New Iron line that will match the Driver line in name. Some cool stuff coming putter wise Cobra RADSPeed irons and wood replacments Updated Forged Tec New Model Iron PING Likely the I525 announced at least if not launched, possible spring delivery. Callaway MAVRIK Replacement both Driver and irons Odyssey/Toulon updates Titleist Vokey SM9 with a spring release Mizuno New 221/223/225 Iron release
  8. So just to update on this. The Oakleys came in and they were good. But I had a bit of an issue with the previous pair. I was hitting way behind the ball. But they are great for driving ans casual wear. So as September came close to an end I had FSA money left and really nothing to spend it on. So I did what I was always tempted to do and went against my original eye Dr’s recommendation and ordered a pair of Single Vison prescription. And would take my chances on things like reading a scorecard etc. Well they came in today snd not only look great snd feel so much lighter they worked great on the range. No horrible fat comtact. At least none that I could blame on the prescription. I definitely can’t wait to get out and try them on course and give an all around test. Bit very happy with the results and looks as well. SportRX can’t be beat to work with. Their opticians and experts were extremely helpful in selecting the style, size frame and specs. Uploading my Script was very easy.
  9. Yeah. I agree it is lame for a retailer to do that much markup. I had asked our rep about getting one for me within like an hour of seeing the email. Even if I had to pay full retail from another account in the area. He tied all day. But the few accounts that had been allotted them already had them spoken for.
  10. I couldn’t agree more and I have played G425, ZX5, SIM Max2, and RadSpeed OL. Better than all of them.
  11. It's a much smaller scale but it's the same thing in Resort Pro Shops with Golf Balls, ProV's may have a retail price of $52 but you will see them in shops for $59 or more, with the nice resort logo thrown in of course. As said MSRP is a suggested price, dealers can sell for anything above that, and with some companies less if they choose, although PING will close an account for selling less than their MAP Minimum Advertised Price
  12. Good post! I have been playing them sine late August and love them more each round. I also had the 2019 T300 and they are a vast improvement over those, in every category you mentioned most notably sound and feel. Perhaps the biggest improvement I see is in the the turf interaction. These are just fantastic through the turf. I know Titleist has said they worked with Bob Vokey on the soles of the T100/200 models for sure, not sure if they did on the T300 as well, but some work was definitely done. They are the best GI iorn I have played in that regard, and that includes the Srixon V soles. Can't recommend these irons highly enough to any level of player.
  13. These have had me very intrigued. So I'd love to jump in if chosen. 1) Baltimore, MD 2) 17.1 3) Right Hand 4) Titleist T300 5) The added forgiveness through the whole set, hopefully more distance as well 6) I assume you mean Iron review, but yes I will post a review on the Cleveland Site and the Forum. 7) Yes, will take plenty of photos and contribute a quality review and discussion in the thread.
  14. That’s a bit of a myth. The difference in spin off the tee from a prov to a non tour ball is not enough to make it slice into the woods vs staying in the rough. The greatest spin difference comes on the approach shots.
  15. I haven’t read all the replies as I know they will be 50-50 on each side. But trust me o have been to Titleist and watched ball fittings with a wide range of handicaps. ALL handicaps benefitted from the ProV vs the 2 piece balls. Now whether the price is affordable and worth it to a player is really the only discussion one needs to have with their self.
  16. I have the 20 and 23 degrees. I have no problem hiring them out of the rough. I’m in the moderate swing speed I would say-85 -87 driver. Ok maybe a bit on the low end. I am literally amazed every time I hit the 20. It goes practically as far as my driver. Plenty of height as well. It’s simply the best hybrid I have hit ever. I don’t hit the 23 as much as my T300 (2021) covers that distance pretty well. BLNKGOLD was right about the sound. Definitly a higher pitched ting. But doesn’t bother me at all.
  17. Forged Tec is staying-with some changes--but it is still in the lineup. But yes as mentioned above, a new model of something is coming. It's under embargo, so I wont' give any details.
  18. Well I guess he could be playing the new model I mentioned. I would be a bit surprised. But If he does. They’ll be even more popular than I expected.
  19. Bou want a poor read of my post. Nothing wrong with having fun. I had plenty of fun playing little league. I love having fun. Or and couldn’t possibly take myself any less serious. But be a little original. Play for the fun not the attention. That’s the point of it.
  20. Or it could be slated for a special release of its on. But didn’t hear anything about it.
  21. The RadSpeed replacement will be available in OL. And the current Forged Tec will remain available in OL.
  22. Yes on the MIM, didn't see or hear about a new UT iron.
  23. I agree it shouldn't be tied to age. You should choose to play whatever tees your are comfortable with that makes the game fun and easy fo ryou. That said, I play in a weekly league that uses 60 and older can play the Gold (one up from the regular whites) Those are ideal for me. I only drive he ball about 210 to 215, so I have a PW on some 2nd shots and up to a 5 on some others. So lets me use the whole bag.
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