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  1. Title hits it. Black on Black. Callaway Apex Pro 19 Smoke (or black) 5-PW KBS S-Taper 120 S (or $-Taper...whatever) GP MMC With an extra wrap. plays to 38.5 inch 5 iron Try to let the pics stand for themselves but if you have any condition questions let me know. Everyone has a different scale. $OLD OBO shipped to your door. Thanks everyone!
  2. Castle Pines Torrey Pacific Dunes oh.....and Southern Hills You’ve got your own little major rotation there!
  3. Price is shipped in continental US. If you’re elsewhere, let me know. Brand new FootJoy Flex These were a tee gift and just not my thing. Pretty sure these are the latest version but feel free to correct me. Guessing a few places would exchange these still. Black Size 11.5 $old Used FJ Hydrolite Rain Jacket It’s white so there are a couple of lite spots but really have to be looking for them. White with charcoal and the red accents are pretty cool. Size XL $old Want them both? Let’s go $60...that’s a steal.
  4. Dang man...you've always got the good stuff! Too much shop credit from your beat downs.
  5. So this one has made the rounds on the site in the last few years. At one point there was a list of owners, but the switch over to the new site killed it. This is a special stick. But it’s definitely finicky and time for another WRX’r to carry on the legacy. It plays to about 32.5 inches but the weight helps at around 355-365. There IS a nick on the top line that only adds to the character and proves this to be a solid gamer, not a prize for your shelf. Though, she is a beauty (as is the head cover ). The grip even adds to the mystique as it’s an old school golf pride
  6. Some old school Travis Mathew from the Seal Beach / Travis Johnson days. I actually believe the cream sweater was called “the OG”. Selling as a lot for shipping purposes. 3 sweaters (2 Medium / 1 Large - the blue one) 1 Reversible jacket size large. $40 for everything. The striped sweater is in great shape and may have only been worn a couple of times. The cream sweater, which is dope, is alright and the blue one is one to throw in your bag for when you need it. Has a couple of holes and is worn. But it looks cool and like I said, great to
  7. EPIC and Jordan ST sold....feel free to make offers or trades! Appreciate it!
  8. Fun stuff today folks! Price is to your door in the continental US and no east/west crap. If you’re outside of that, we can talk. Shipping seems to be taking longer these days but there’s way worse problems than that so we’ll count ourselves lucky. Any questions...just ask. Couple of trades below:TRADES: Jordan 11 (Grey or White) in size 11.5 Air Zoom Infinity Tour in 11.550* raw wedge (SM8, T20, etc.)Evenflow Riptide Small Batch 6.0Evenflow Blue Handcrafted 6.0Tensei Orange StiffGD ADDI 6/7 S Jordan 3 White Cement 10.5 (USED but well maintained ? The Jordan’s ar
  9. Probably my favorite putter of all time...pure classic. Good luck homie! Great stuff
  10. $OLD shipped (continental US) Going back to the regular Mavrik. Two rounds and a couple of range sessions on this one. Just not an SZ guy anymore (self awareness is key). Neutral hotmelt and it weighs either 203 or 204. I can’t remember and I don’t have a scale at the moment. It’s not new but it’s minty fresh. Sounds GREAT BTW. Questions, comments, concerns.......I’ll be here all day! Callaway Mavrik SubZero 10.5 head only (or Maverick SZ for search purposes) As of post, this should be the best price on the board for an SZ head. If not, let me know and happy to work something out. TRADES:
  11. Super peeing orange....sorry, went back to 4th grade for a second. Good luck homie! What are you buying next?
  12. Thanks for taking a look! Ask any questions, and shipping is shipping, no East / West nonsense. If you’re outside of the lower 48, let me know and we can figure something out. Feel free to make offers if prices don’t suit you. I might say no but won’t be a jerk about it. Trades: 10.5 Mavrik head (not Max or SZ) SIM Hybrid / Rescue - I mean you gotta try it, right? Or something else cool, I’m sure. Always willing to listen and if I need to add cash etc, no problem. I’ve been on WRX since 2009 and love this community. Thanks again for checking things out! *********** Toulon Garage
  13. Elevate shafts SOLD! Drops on Apex and X-Forged. Feel free to make a reasonable offer. Thanks WRX!
  14. That’s how I played them. I suppose you could go 4-9 depending on the desired length.
  15. Lets keep it simple. All prices are shipped in cont US. If outside of that, let’s talk. Callaway Apex / Apex Pro 19 Combo (smoke / black) - $450 5-AW True Temper Tour Elevate R+ Play to as 38 inch 5 iron and everything else is standard Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiffs - $old see measurements in pics - will play to 38 inch 5 iron True Temper Elevate Tour Stiff/S300 Black - $OLD see pics for measurements - will play to 38.25 5 iron Dynamic Gold S400 shafts - $60 see pics for measurements - will play to 38.5 5 iron Callaway X-Forged 18 5-PW - $OLD PX 6.0 Play to 38 inch 5 iron MP32 head
  16. Nice jacket...it gets cold in Colorado errrrrrr OKC. Those 900s are dimes too. Great stuff as always!
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